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Florida Restaurant Liquor License for Sale Santa Rosa County 4COP 3PS

Florida liquor license for sale allows for package store sales and on premise consumption of beer, wine and mixed drinks. Quota license will transfer to new owner.

Florida Liquor License for Sale
allows for the sale of on premise beer, wine and mixed drinks as well as package store sales. This quota license is available for use in a specific county and is referred to as a 4COP/3PS Florida liquor permits. These are limited by county. Buy this Florida liquor license today for the county of Herando. No seating or parking restrictions and you can open your bar tomorrow with this transferable license in hand. 4COP allows for the sale and consumption beer, wine and all manner of mixed drinks. In addition, the 3PS portion of the authorization allows for the sale of packaged alcoholic goods so you can open a bar and combine it with package store sales.

Florida liquor permits are allocated on a quota basis and are limited per county. Check out the great pricing on this Florida liquor license for sale.

The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages issues permits for the alcoholic beverage and tobacco industries, collects and audits taxes and fees paid by the licensees and enforces the laws and regulation of the alcoholic beverage and tobacco industries.

If you wish to sell beer or wine, you can purchase a consumption-on-premise or a package license. There are no restrictions on the number of licenses issued to sell beer and wine. If you wish to sell liquor, a quota license must be obtained. These are limited in number throughout the state, based on county population.

This is not a special (SRX) restaurant alcoholic beverage permit which reguires that you derive 51% of your revenue from food and non-alcoholic beverages to qualify. There is no percentage of food to be met.

For every increase in the population of a county by 7500 residents, a new quota license is created. In order to obtain a quota (liquor) license, you must either buy an existing one or enter the quota drawing to win the right to apply for a quota license. The winner may then apply for the issuance of the new permit.


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Listing Details
Price: $125,000
Location: Gulf Breeze

Property Info
  • 4COP 3PS Liquor License
  • Full Liquor License
  • Use for either on premise bar, nightclub, restaurant use or retail package store
  • Santa Rosa Cunty Full Liquor Bar
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