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Atlanta Bread Company Franchise Seller Anthony Ricci and We Sell Restaurants
Anthony Ricci had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "It's been fantastic! Robin has helped us all the way through this process, it starts from the beginning from the marketing piece all the way to the brokering of the deal, working with buyers and we couldn't be happier. So thank you Robin we appreciate everything you have done for us and We Sell Restaurants has done a great job bringing this to a close for us so we can start a new chapter in our lives. Thank you!"
The Graveyard Seller and We Sell Restaurants
The owner of The Graveyard restaurant had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "I thought it was great, we had great communication with Eric, it was actually not as painful of an experience as we thought it might have been! Great Experience!"
WingZone Seller and We Sell Restaurants
The owner of this WingZone business had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "It was wonderful, it was so easy, so straight! The owner of We Sell Restaurants was great, he helped us out with everything and I wish him all the best and we like to do business with him in the future."
WingZone Buyer and We Sell Restaurants
The Buyer of this WingZone business had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "It was a great experience, everything was easy, Eric provided everything we needed, it was just great! I'd love to work with him again."
The Graveyard Buyer and We Sell Restaurants
The Graveyard Buyer had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "It was very good! Eric was very knowledgeable about everything with the restaurant acquisition and helped me out with everything I needed."
Monkey Joes' Franchise Owner and We Sell Restaurant
The owner of this Monkey Joe's franchise business had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "Our experience with Robin was excellent! She took care of everything for us, it was a very quick sale and quick turnaround. We couldn’t be happier!"
Sean Germain of Sean’s Harvest Market and We Sell Restaurants
The Owner of Sean's Harvest Market had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "You guys have done a wonderful job! The professionalism, the way in which you answer the phones and responded to our request it was very impressive and far beyond anything I’ve experienced. I really do appreciate it!"
Monkey Joe’s Franchise Buyer and We Sell Restaurants
The Buyer of this Monkey Joe's franchise business had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "Our experience with Robin was outstanding and as a first time purchaser of a business she really held our hand and it was a great process! Thanks Robin!"
Atlanta Bread Company Dunwoody Seller and We Sell Restaurants
The Seller of this Atlanta Bread Company franchise business had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "Just want to thank Robin for everything you did from the beginning process all the way to the end. You were very professional, very detailed, and I’m happy with the turn out! I just want to say Thank you again and I’d recommend you to anyone who’s out there who wants to sell a restaurant or buy one!"
Restaurant Brokers Sell Burger King Franchise. The seller had this to say about the effort.
"Eric and Robin Gagnon run an A+ operation. There is zero filter in between Eric. If any information is needed on either side of the table, sellers or buyers. He works with everyone to insure that a painless closing/transaction. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is buying or selling. Can’t say enough. He was never not there for me or my family during the fourteen months, maybe a year we’ve been working together. You would probably be making a mistake settling for another broker or outfit instead of Eric, Robin and We Sell Restaurants."
Buyer in South Florida Describes his experience with Restaurant Broker and Franchise Partner, Ken Eisenband
"I had a wonderful restaurant down in Fort Lauderdale…but I wanted to have one in Boca Raton because that's where I live. So my partner bought me out. I found through, a wonderful listing and a wonderful agent named Ken He showed me the restaurant. I fell in love with it. We made an offer. We closed the whole deal in less than a week. I love my new restaurant and I thank Ken and if I ever open another one, I'll be calling him first."
Restaurant Brokers Sell Landons To Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles
"The Seller of Landon's Restaurant and Bar, Ron Frieson said of the restaurant brokers efforts, “We Sell Restaurants really made it easy for me. Given the fact that my schedule is tight, I’m extremely busy, they take care of everything for me…the identification of potential buyers, all the contract work that happens in between and obviously the closing. It’s been a really, really good experience."
"The buyer Wayne DiSilva, CFO of Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles had this to say about the effort of the restaurant brokers on the transaction, "As the CFO of the company and the buyer, it was a very smooth transition. You guys made things very easy for us and we really appreciate all that you’ve done."

CEO Shanga Hankerson joined in saying, "I second that emotion Wayne. It's been a wonderful learning process. I wish we had met (We Sell Restaurants) sooner but I'm glad we met when we did and I think it's going to equal a lot of success for us. I work forward to working with you guys and thank you for the bang up job that you've done closing this deal."
The restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants announce the sale of the Great Wraps Franchise in Colony Square in Midtown Atlanta. The buyer, Kim Verma had this to say about her experience with the restaurant brokers, "They were great people, very patient, very helpful. You can call and ask any kind of dumb questions and they do not get impatient with you. They helped me from the beginning to the end. Robin did say, have patience, you will find the right business and she sure did. She found me a very good business which I am very proud of."
The owner of The Aviator used Colorado Restaurant Broker, John Jordan of We Sell Restaurants in his latest sale. He says, “I’d just like to say thank you to We Sell Restaurants. We advertised on the website through John and Bob and we’ve successfully managed to close. The whole event was extremely professional.”
James Moye purchased his business after an extensive search. He says, “It's been a pleasure working with We Sell Restaurants. I was actually working overseas when I started my search. Other brokers wouldn't let me even get me an address or location until I came into their office and signed. Their website is super easy. Great filters to find the type restaurant you're looking for, the area you're looking for, the price range. Sign the non-disclosure right on it and it gives you all the information you could want and they've been great to work with. A big help."
The seller of Cappelo’s New York Subs has this to say, "We signed on with We Sell Restaurants recently and they've produced and been effective in selling my restaurant. I would recommend them to anyone in the process or thinking of trying to sell on their own….they’re great people.”
Franchise restaurant buyer Anthony Pak had this to say of his experience with We Sell Restaurants "My experience with We Sell Restaurants was overall a great experience. We ran into a couple of hiccups along the way but we got through them and I'm the proud owner of my restaurant."
Sellers of SIP, April and Ted Phillips designed a model coffee shop for this urban landscape that won multiple awards for design. They developed the SIP concept more than four years ago and turned to restaurant broker We Sell Restaurants to sell once they decided to pursue other interests. Asked to describe their experience with we sell restaurants, they say, "Absolutely fabulous. Robin held our hand through the whole process. And was very patient with us."
Ever wonder how to sell a restaurant or sports bar? Watch this video testimonial from restaurant seller Al Johnson. Here's his feedback on working with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. He says, "It was excellent. Helping through the process. Finding the buyers, screening the buyers making sure they were credible was really valuable to us. We really appreciate everything that We Sell Restaurants did."
How do you buy a restaurant when you don't have experience in the industry? Watch the video testimonial of restaurant buyer Bill Sees as he describes his experience with the restaurant brokers saying, "It was excellent. They guided me through everything. Coming from some other industry to this industry, not knowing anything, they helped us every step of the way. We appreciate all their help."
In this video testimonial from these restaurant buyers, Mark and Charlene described their experience with We Sell Restaurants saying, "We're first time buyers of a business and had really really not much knowledge about how it would go and We Sell Restaurants was there to answer every question. I thought it would be a lot more nerve racking but they really walked us through it and held our hands. Today we just closed and we're the happy owners of a new business. We're feeling really really good about it. So it was a great experience."
Another franchise pizza restaurant is sold by We Sell Restaurants, the restaurant brokers announced today. Fox's Pizza in Cumming Georgia is under new ownership.  The customer, Beau Ventures, LLC is headed up by Denna Beauchemin and she had this to say in her video testimonial and review about the sale. "Robin was very professional and handled every aspect of it. We were very very pleased.  She always answered our phones and emails promptly. We really appreciate that."  Her husband, David had just one comment, "We Sell Restaurants is number one."
Franchise resales are prime opportunities for E2 visa qualification. Expert restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants recently assisted Bruno Knezevic on his franchise acquisition qualifying for an E2 Visa.  Watch the video testimonial from this customer as he says, Excellent job by We Sell Restaurants.  It was a really, really good experience.  I look forward to doing more business with We Sell Restaurants in the future." 
We Sell Restaurants assists both the restaurant buyer and restaurant seller with an E2 Visa qualified transaction in the sale of a franchise restaurant. The Seller, Anderson had this to say about these restaurant brokers in his video testimonial, ""We Sell Restaurants did a great job.  I'm so glad I found this company.  Everything was perfect."   Click to listen and watch for yourself.
Here's another satisfied customer of the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. In his video testimonial Johnny Butler of Candesa Coffee had this to say, "I'm very happy with the way, how things worked out with We Sell Restaurants. Candesa Coffee, I love it. It was awesome the way it worked out. I'm very happy."
Glowing words of recommendation for the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants from Ginelle Brome on her video testimonial who says among other things, "It was effortless. It was flawless.....They were absolutely astonishing with their feedback and their assistance and I highly recommend them for any business transaction."
Christine Jung, owner of the Loco's Franchise restaurant in Buckhead has this to say of her recent experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants "Great selling experience.  They handled it smoothly, professionally and (were) extremely detail oriented.
Jeff and Faith Chisolm, first time restaurant buyers describe their experience in buying a business with the help of Atlanta restaurant brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon at We Sell Restaurants. "We had a great experience with We Sell Restaurants.  Robin and Eric were great to us.  They were there for us the entire way.  We can't say enough great things about them.  We are very excited about this purchase and look forward to doing business with them in the future."
Chef Joseph who is opening a new location at Inman Park has this to say in his customer review of We Sell Restaurants. "I called all the way from the Maryland DC area and Pat was very helpful with We Sell Restaurants. She did all the footwork looking for this location so when I came down, she had everything prepared for us and we went around looking and found the perfect spot in Inman Park. "
Restaurant buyer and customer Miranda Faison is trained as a bartender herself and follows a lifelong passion in buying the opportunity. She was thrilled with the support she received from her restaurant broker in the transaction saying, "I would definitely recommend We Sell Restaurants especially Dominique. They did an awesome job. I definitely recommend them. They did an awesome job. Very detailed. I really do appreciate their business."
Mike and Dorothy Phillips of Cartersville descibe their experience as customers. They bought and sold the same restaurant with We Sell Restaurants. They bought their restaurant in 2004 and when it came time to sell, they were back. In their words, "We purchased our restaurant through We Sell Restaurants Eric Gagnon, We enjoyed it and had a wonderful experience. We in turn, sold our business through We Sell Restaurants today."
Atlanta Restaurant Seller Alex Torrance describes his experience using the services of We Sell Restaurants as his restaurant broker.
The owner of Stone Creek Tavern shares the following story about her experience selling a restaurant on her own. "I called Eric one day after trying to sell my restaurant on He came out the next day. We signed a deal and had offers for me within two weeks and month later my restaurant sold!
Atlanta area restaurant seller Mike Hart describes his experience with We Sell Restaurants.

In his words, "It was great. It really was. I think the biggest thing was the professionalism and they have a lot of people that work with them I really like, especially Eric and his wife and I would highly recommend them to anybody trying to sell a restaurant especially this day and age. It's very hard to do it. They sort of walked us through everything and we appreciate it.

--Mike Hart, Atlanta Restaurant Seller
Buying a restaurant in Atlanta? Listen to what our client, the founder of Isabella's Cafe said about We Sell Restaurants and their experienced Atlanta Restaurant Brokers. She worked with other Atlanta firms but found the professionalism, knowledge and experience she was looking for with We Sell Restaurants, Atlanta's best choice for buying or selling a restaurant.
Robin, the level of service from both you and Eric was great! I would put your firm at the top of all the business brokers I spoke with or had dealings with during this process. You took the time to educate me on the process and the restaurant business as well. Thanks again for your help! If I change my mind and think being an operator is my calling I will give you a call.

-Tim Walters, Buyer

In working toward gaining my own business for 12 years and dealing with numerous brokers, We Sell Restaurants changed the whole experience.

The service from this company was exceptional and the broker Mr. Gagnon was very knowledgeable and efficient in all areas of purchasing and setting up a restaurant. He stayed behind the process every step of the way.

If anyone wants to purchase a restaurant this would be the company to use. The service is outstanding and it makes you feel like your not only working with a broker but a family member who cares.Thank you We Sell Restaurants for making my dream come true.

Eric Dauce Le French Quarter Cafe Atlanta, GA

Thanks for everything and also for helping me put this together.  Your supports has been phenomenal and I really do appreciate it.  You have been extremely polite and professional at all times. 

Alan Briskin - Three Dollar Cafe

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that things are going very well at Shuckers. It is just what we had expected, a ton of fun! Thank you so much for your assistance with everything, it truly was a blessing to have someone like yourself on the other end of the phone or computer to guide us along through everything.

Thanks again!

Frances - Shucker's 

"Hello Robin. Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for making it happen for us. You are very efficient and profesional at what you do. look forward to see you and Eric at our restaurant soon. Also look forward to seeking your help for our future locations. Thanks again."  

Kash and Minnie - Rivermont Station

"Attention Carolyn -Sheila and I would like to complement your company and you personally for the professional and competent way the sale of our business was handled, I had previously sold a much larger company a few years earlier and I can honestly say the way the sale of Sally's was handled even through it was a much smaller business, was equal to if not better than my previous experience, we felt you really cared and enjoyed what you were doing, it was refreshing, not just another sale."

John Smith, Sally's Ice Cream

"They worked tirelessly to find qualified buyers, negotiate multiple offers simultaneously and make tough deadlines. I always felt like they had my best interest in mind. They gave me valuable advice and helped me make some very difficult decisions. They held my hand through the entire process and helped me keep an optimistic outlook when I became frustrated. The service they provide is worth every penny and I absolutely could not have sold my restaurant without them. Most importantly, in the end, both the parties walked away from the closing table feeling like winners and no one had to lose."            

Kelly Fuechsel, Pacific Kitchen

"We Sell Restaurants took what could have been a very rough transaction and smoothed it over nicely for all parties involved.  They were highly professional, very fair, and added real value to the transaction."

Brad Koontz, Loco's Deli and Pub

"It's been a year now since I bought Dillon's and I wanted to touch base with you.  Things are going very well and we are really enjoying being in business for ourselves.  Our customer base is very loyal and the business is solid, just as you had described it.  We've changed very little with the exception of adding some pasta dishes.  We've even doubled our Wednesday business with the introduction of an Open Mic night.  Thanks again for helping me find the right business!"

Bob Evola, Dillon's Restaurant & Sports Bar

"I have known Eric for several years and when I decided to buy my first restaurant, I couldn't think of anyone better to represent me!  Being new to the industry, I felt I was in good hands.  Eric was able to show me several locations that suited my needs and, most importantly, he looked out for me.  When we decided on a spot he was very helpful in the due diligence process and then guided me through the closing.  Without his help it never would have happened."

Eric Matthews, Fishbone

"From start to finish, Eric was invaluable.  From spending countless hours finding just the right property for our establishment, to negotiation of fantastic terms with our landlord, we were thrilled with We Sell Restaurants!  Not only that, but Eric's professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise cannot be matched.  We were thankful to find such a conscientious and knowledgeable leasing agent."

D. Allen, McClain-Kerr Holdings

Thank you for all your hard work during this transaction and your patience with both Terry and I.  It has been a pleasure to work with you and Eric, and I look forward to working together at some point in the future.

Terry Hanley - Black Diamond Bar & Grill