Our Story




We want to keep a brand that will be out here for the next 50 to 100 years, resonating with restaurant owners as the place to assist them when they’re ready to buy or sell.




Sell More Restaurants than Anyone Else. PERIOD.

Demand for Restaurant Industry Experts

Eric and Robin Gagnon were living in Atlanta Georgia when they launched a niche business broker practice based on the premise that the industry needed and required an expert in selling restaurants.

A former Big 5 Accounting Executive, Eric brought financial aptitude in the financial services sector. As VP of Strategic Marketing for a Fortune 100 company, Robin contributed her expertise in branding and marketing. Together, this husband and wife team became the nation's foremost Restaurant Brokers, carving an unparalleled niche in the industry and leading the nation's only business broker franchise focused on restaurants.

From those beginnings, a national brand was born, determined to take the fragmented brokerage market and build a specialized practice for selling only restaurants with a systemic approach never before seen in the industry. The demand for restaurant industry experts has exceeded their original expectations.

When they could no longer keep up with the demand for their services on a centralized basis, they realized that the only way to keep growing was to transfer knowledge and support to other brokers through franchising their successful restaurant industry expertise.

Today We Sell Restaurants is a vibrant and innovative company that operates in 45 states nationwide and delivers on the founder's vision to Sell More Restaurants Than Anyone Else. PERIOD.

We Sell Restaurants is not a startup or overnight success. The pair spent over a decade as the nation’s most trusted restaurant brokerage brand before making the decision to franchise. Their success determined their critical next step, to build a unique nationwide franchise model for selling restaurants based on industry expertise.

We Sell Restaurants has a branded systemic franchise process for buying and selling restaurants that capitalizes on the demand for restaurant industry experts.



We Sell Restaurants® begins offering restaurant brokerage services and the words and mark are first used in commerce.



Company launches innovative certification of Restaurant Brokers leading to a trademark for the term “Certified Restaurant Broker”.



We Sell Restaurants hits 100 listings for the first time establishing dominance in the brokerage industry.



We Sell Restaurants purchases national headquarters for the growing brand in Atlanta, Georgia.



We Sell Restaurants begins offering franchises for the first time and sells the entire state of Colorado. This opens the door for the launch of the brand nationwide.



We Sell Restaurants launches the BOSS or Broker’s Operations and Sales System, a proprietary cloud based platform for restaurant brokerage sales and management.



Founders Eric and Robin Gagnon publish their book, Appetite for Acquisition which is immediately named “Best of 2012” by Small Business Book Awards.



Nationally syndicated Radio show launches where we “Satisfy Your Appetite for Acquisition, Feed the Need for Restaurant Reality and Serve Up a Recipe for Business Success”



The term “We Sell Restaurants” is issued a principal registration mark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive use of the words in business brokerage.



We Sell Restaurants develops multiple national relationships for franchise resales and expands into 44 states nationwide with brokerage services


Customers turn to the restaurant industry experts to sell their businesses. Those familiar with the results of We Sell Restaurants share their stories and single listings turn into referrals which turn into entire franchise brands with ongoing relationships. We keep growing to stay true to our original vision - Sell More Restaurants than anyone else. PERIOD while training others to be restaurant industry experts. Will you join us in our mission?