Training & Support


Franchise Training from We Sell Restaurants

Graduates of We Sell Restaurants University receive the best training in the industry. We onboard and train you thoroughly yet quickly so you can launch your practice in 30 days. Our training and support means you are designated as a Certified Restaurants Broker, a credential respected and known in the industry for expert understanding in the practice of business brokerage for restaurants. The program applies best practices in Instructional Learning techniques for adults and uses instructor-led, web-based, and blended learning methods to facilitate knowledge and understanding.

The Certified Restaurant Broker program is a phased learning approach that is the most robust in the industry, allowing for the adoption and understanding of the principles of business brokerage. It concludes with a a 100-day Kick Off Program and Go to Market Plan along with ongoing Mastermind sessions from the founders to aid in your success.


The award-winning book, Appetite for Acquisition, is the textbook and companion piece to an online course with exercises, questions and information focused on developing knowledge about the mindset of the buyer.

Competitive research modules and initial understanding of the restaurant industry are launched during phase one to begin the path of becoming a Business Broker focused on the food industry.


Week two is a five-day practicum and webinar series on the B.O.S.S. or Broker's Operations and Sales System, a proprietary software tool developed by the brand. It is the nation’s most advanced web platform for business brokerage. The BOSS functions as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, a seller and listing live database tool and has the only “Hot Report” or broker’s dashboard in the nation, tracking the most important activity on deals. Students engage in daily webinars and apply their knowledge with exercises and testing that insure their competency on the the university platform before graduating to the live system.


Phase three of the acclaimed Certified Restaurant Broker program is a classroom curriculum delivered firsthand by Eric and Robin Gagnon, the country’s leading Restaurant Brokers. This talented team works through a 40-hour program that includes blended learning methods with role playing, video content, exercises, restaurant visits and slideshow delivery. At the conclusion of We Sell Restaurants University, the students test and demonstrate overall competency in all three phases and achieve a minimum score of 85% before they are awarded Certified Restaurant Broker status.


Phase four of the program designed to launch your Restaurant Brokerage practice includes in market experience with a training partner in the field. This key step allows you Invaluable one on one time helping you launch your market, make connections and set up your Restaurant Brokerage practice. All of this is timed to coincide with a marketing and promotional push in your city so that restaurants are aware that We Sell Restaurants now has a local office led by our latest franchisee!


Ongoing support is a hallmark of the We Sell Restaurants franchise and for as long as needed, there is weekly support in the form of one on one sessions with the franchise founders. The initial 100-day post training includes Mastermind sessions for brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in one on one sessions to sharpen your business and personal skills and help you achieve success.