What Can I Make?

Franchise Profitability


The Table below presents certain historical revenue and related operating results for the 19 Restaurant Brokerage Businesses that were open and in operation all of Fiscal Year 2022. Of these 19 Restaurant Brokerage Businesses, all are owned and operated by Franchisees.

The following is the average historical data relating to the operation of a single Restaurant Brokerage Business during the full year of operations in the above target group:

  • transactions

    Gross Commission Income



    Average per Transaction


  • transactions



  • transactions

    Median Commission Income



    Median per Transaction


This is a historical representation of what our franchisees have earned as described further in Item 19 of the FDD. This information is based upon franchises that were open during the entire 2022 calendar year and provided complete information. Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you will sell or earn as much. See Item 19 of the FDD for more information.