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Wheres the Beef?

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  • The Restaurant Brokers interview GA Beef Board and Halperns Steak
  • Restaurant Reality: Wheres the Beef?

The cattle industry in America invented farm to table with ranchers, butchers and chefs combining to place this important protein on plates and on palates. Join the restaurant brokers as we interview those close to the industry to learn

Industry Guests Join the Restaurant Brokers

Suzanne Bentley
Suzanne Bentley
 Suzanne Bentley is the Director of Industry Information for the Georgia Beef Board. Bentley promotes beef across the state of Georgia to spread the positive message of beef and let everyone know that Beef is a safe, healthy and wholesome protein. She represents Georgia’s farmers and ranchers on behalf of the beef checkoff program.
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  • suzanne@gabeef.org Email
  • www.gabeef.org Website
  • Georgia Beef Board Georgia Beef Board
Kirk Halpern
Kirk Halpern
Active in his family's business since childhood, Kirk Halpern has witnessed the growth of the industry and understands its challenges as well as its potential. He holds a unique vision for his company and insists on a hands-on approach to every step in the process. Kirk served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Meat Purveyors and holds a degree from Duke Law School. As CEO and Founder of Halperns', Kirk carries on a family tradition that began over 40 years ago with drive, spirit and vision.
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  • www.halperns.com Website
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