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Zach Current
Zach Current
Our second guest Zach Current with Fuel Pizza.  Zach is then Vice President of Custom Fuel Pizza, and he lives to share the best things in life with everyone. Zach has found that Pizza, something you eat when you’re in a good mood or something you share with the people you love, is one of those “best things”.
Zach has worked in restaurants all his life and the most important thing he's learned is that through proper preparation and hard work, and with a common goal of serving great food, working as a team gets you far. Cooperation is key.
In his role as VP, he's motivated by the fact that you can’t deliver anything great, such as friendliness, service, and quality, without a system that works. Accordingly, his mission each day is to ensure that every one of his associates is provided with the ingredients, tools, and direction needed to make great pizza for their guests and create great opportunities for themselves.
Finally, as a partner in a small business, Zach realized, with the help of a few of his fellow colleagues and community leaders, he's able to positively impact the communities and the lives of families in many different ways.
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Brad Fishman
Brad Fishman
Brad Fishman has devoted the majority of his career to not only building Fishman Public Relations into one of the largest and most respect PR agencies of its kind, but also promoting franchising as a business model and helping educate franchise systems about effective lead generation strategies. Always seeking to stay on top of the latest trends, people, news and legislation impacting the franchise industry, Brad can found as a participant or known presence at nearly every franchising event domestically or overseas.
As one of the most well-connected individuals in the franchise industry, Brad has spent more than 20 years helping franchise systems develop franchisee lead generation and consumer awareness campaigns that help them achieve their desired growth. As a successful entrepreneur who knows how to operate a business, Brad has earned the trust and credibility of other entrepreneurs in the industry.
His professional involvement in franchising includes sitting on the boards of numerous companies and organizations, as well as serving as past chairman of the IFA’s Franchise Supplier Forum, a past member of the IFA’s board and executive board and the IFA's Membership and International committees.
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Mike Branigan
Mike Branigan
Michael Branigan has more than 25 years of marketing, public relations and product innovation experience with revenues ranging from $23 million to $322 million over his trajectory in the industry.  His track record of performance and leadership has lead companies to great success, incredible turnarounds, experiencing 7 years out of 8 years of positive comparable store sales increases and displaying increases of 17% versus previous year at Sizzler USA; the most significant regeneration effort in his career.
Most recently, Michael has led the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream marketing efforts into their 6th straight quarter of positive comparable store sales in more than a decade.  He is also part of the executive management team piloting the launch of a new emerging franchise brand, Wit or Witout® Famous Philly Eats a brand new entry into the QSR category.
Michael is a creative visionary with discipline and focus leading franchise companies to achieve set strategies, brand repositioning and strategic growth. In addition, Michael is an exemplary manager, leading, motivating and creating a culture where people are team oriented, accountable and understand what it takes to succeed to be a great franchise organization
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