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Q3 Restaurant Market Update & Forecast

  • Experts Analyze First Half of 2013 Restaurant Economy
  • Industry Experts Discuss Trends in the Restaurant Industry
  • Measuring Your Businesses Against the Industry

The Editor of Franchise Times and Leading Restaurant CPA provide their input on the state of the Restaurant economy.

Industry Guests Join the Restaurant Brokers

Bob Wagner
Bob Wagner
Bob Wagner is a CPA and President of NetFinancials. His first job in the restaurant business was bus-boy in an incredibly busy Howard Johnsons. He lasted just one day. It was then that Bob realized his only chance to make it in the restaurant business was in the back-office. After college, graduate school and a career with a big international accounting firm, Bob got the call to help a friend who owned a successful restaurant in Atlantas Virginia-Highlands neighborhood. That was 24 years ago. Since then Bob Wagner has become friend and bean-counter extraordinaire to Atlanta restaurant operators. His company, NetFinancials currently handles accounting and taxes for about 200 restaurants in 6 states and publishes a quarterly survey on the local market.
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Jonathan Maze
Jonathan Maze
Jonathan is the editor of the Restaurant Finance Monitor a monthly newsletter that offers unique opinion and analysis on the restaurant industry, delivered to some of the most influential movers and shakers in foodservice and the editor of Franchise Times, a monthly glossy publication devoted to the franchise sector. In addition, Jonathan writes an award winning daily blog at restfinance.com
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