BBQ Restaurant for Sale in Downtown Denver is Simple and Affordable!

BBQ Restaurant for sale satisfies a passion for great, made-from-scratch comfort food and smoked meats.  Ready to own your own business? Look no further than this quaint, profitable BBQ restaurant for sale in downtown Denver.

This BBQ restaurant for sale is located in Denver's West City Park neighborhood.  Just minutes from downtown and centrally located in the middle of downtown, Colfax Avenue, The Denver Zoo, Museum and Botanical Gardens.  It has been serving up barbecue and made-from-scratch sides for the last three years to throngs of raving fans.  How do you know for sure?  Try over 400 online reviews with a 4-1/2 star rating and over 5700 Facebook followers!  In fact the only poor ratings your Colorado, Certified Restaurant Broker could find is from guests disappointed that their favorite item was sold out by the time they arrived.  

Last year's revenue at this BBQ restaurant for sale were $384,000 with Seller's Discretionary income of over $70,000.  That makes this BBQ restaurant for sale a very attractive investment. The operations are simple enough for a first time restaurant owner or an experienced savoy operator.  The current owner has only scratched the surface of a growing catering opportunity and the restaurant is only open 5 days a week [closed Sunday and Monday].  Keep it that way or expand hours and catering for even more sales and profits!

That is certainly understandable when the menu at this BBQ Restaurant for Sale consists of home made, never processed, fresh, clean ingredients.  The owners of this farm-2-fork BBQ Restaurant for Sale takes pride in using local, sustainable, fresh ingredients as much as possible in their menu items.  In fact, there is not a freezer to be found anywhere in this restaurant.  This BBQ restaurant for sale also makes and markets it's own brand of sauces and rubs which it sells onsite along with healthy sales of its own shirts and ball caps.

There is a brand new 3 year lease in place with a local landlord who lives nearby and is extremely easy to work with.  Monthly rent is only $1175 including all CAMs.  With last years annual sales of $384,000 that puts your occupancy cost at under 4%.  Far, far less that the industry average of 10%.  With good signage and easy parking and access to the walk-up counter and dinning room that seats 22.  Behind the counter there is plenty of warm storage and refrigerated food prep space to hold their delicious offerings. A magnetic menu board is used to tout their menu and special items as well as custom made side dishes that include Olathe sweet corn and Palisade Peach Crisps when in season.

The kitchen is small but well set up and efficient.  There is a prep area with a veggie sink, a leased dishwasher, two 2-door reach-ins, a fryer, 6 burner stove with and oven underneath, fryer, turbo oven, convection oven and a state-of-the-art Cook Shack Smoker all under a well maintained hood and fire suppression system.  It is able to support the current menu, a growing catering business with room to expand to other menu items and sides.

This is a private listing so to get information on this Downtown Denver BBQ restaurant for sale you must first go to our website  Find the listing and click on the red ''Click here for name and address'' button and follow the directions to sign the Confidentiality Agreement.  After that, the Seller has asked the Broker to verify any prospective Buyer's ability to purchase this business prior to releasing any information.  This business is currently doing very well but your Restaurant Broker has spoken to lenders who have indicated they would want 40% down for any conventional or SBA financing.  The Seller would consider financing some of the purchase price but you will have to have something in the neighborhood of $70,000 in cash to bring to the table.  Your Certified Restaurant Broker will need proof of, at least, that amount.  You can send that info to  to obtain our brochure on the listing.

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  • Listing#: 5406
  • Price: $149,000
  • Location: Denver
Lease Term: 3 years remaining
Monthly Rent: $1,175
Indoor Seating: 22
Inside Sq. Ft: 950
Hood System: Yes
Neighboring Businesses: Hair styling, pet food, apartments
Hours Open: 11am - 8pm Tuesday - Saturday
# of Part-Time Employees: 0
# of Full-Time Employees: 4
Net Sales: $384,593
Owner Benefit: $75,457


  • BBQ Restaurant for Sale
  • Great Location near Downtown Denver
  • Sales of over $384,000 and Seller Benefit of over $70,000
  • Great occupancy costs - under 4%!
  • Operator friendly hours - closed Sunday and Monday
  • Fully equipped commercial kitchen
  • Serving BBQ and made-from-scratch comfort food
  • Simple, safe investment for first time or experienced operator
  • Great on-line reviews! 400 plus reviews and 4-1/2 star rating
  • Great Facebook page and website
  • BBQ Restaurant for Sale