Sub Franchise for Sale in Grand Rapids, MI - In High-Energy Area

Lock Down this Sub Franchise for Sale in a Fantastic Location with a Thriving Local Economy. Generated over $462,000 Last Year! Grand Rapids, Michigan has over 1.4 Million Residents in the Metro Area and is Still Growing! 

This sub franchise for sale  is right around the corner from several big attractions!  You could not ask for a better location, as this store is right off one of the busiest interstates in Michigan. With over 35,000 drivers daily passing your store, you will have lines out the door in no time! The bustling traffic aside, this sub franchise for sale is also in a prime area; surrounded by hospitals, medical and business plazas, and over FIVE K-12 schools within a 5-mile radius. Implementing a weekly catering contract with the school district could double your catering revenue. With all of the growth and expansion around Grand Rapids, there are untapped marketing opportunities around every corner.

This fantastic sub franchise for sale, brought to you by We Sell Restaurants, is part of a mega-brand that has consistently made it within the top 5 of most “Best-Of” lists in the Fast-Casual marketplace. Their desire for high-quality ingredients, award-winning service, and time-tested methods have won them national recognition and praise.  
This sub franchise for sale comes with a unique opportunity. They have a strong catering model and menu, and this current store happens to do very well with the catering portion of the business. This is, in part, due to the dense population that surrounds the restaurant. You could double or triple this revenue stream by taking advantage of the endless untapped marketing opportunities within just 5-miles!
This sub franchise for sale has a beautifully built out 2,028 square foot space. Seating up to 55 hungry guests in the gorgeous dining area. If you don’t feel like being inside during a nice Michigan summer afternoon, there is a phenomenal space outside that seats up to 10! Guests can enjoy their freshly prepared meals while enjoying the nice fresh air. Monthly rent for this stunning sub franchise for sale is only $5654.00 all-in! The rent expires on August 22, 2022, at which time there is one option for a 5-year renewal.

This sub franchise for sale is a part of something so much more! If you want to go into business for yourself but feel a little overwhelmed being BY yourself – this is for you! This mega-brand is one of the top-performing fast-casual sandwich brands in the nation. Upon purchase of this sub franchise for sale, there is a $10,000 transfer fee. This covers the initial six-week intensive training, as well as ongoing support. For use of their beloved and instantly recognizable trademark, award-winning recipes, and repeated successfully proven methods, there is a modest 6% of sales royalty fee. To cover materials that coincide with the brand’s nationwide promotional campaigns, there is also a small marketing fee of 4%.      
There are two scenarios; the first gives you tremendous headaches and debt as you race to turn an empty space into a restaurant. Upon opening, you are already in debt! By year 3, you finally break-even. The second scenario is this; starting out by purchasing this sub franchise for sale. You open without debt, you are in a fantastic area, you have a fully outfitted and operating business; no headaches required! So, contact the restaurant brokers today and secure your tomorrow!

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  • Listing#: 6944
  • Price: $150000
  • Location: Grand Rapids
Lease Term: 4 years remaining
Monthly Rent: $5654,
Indoor Seating: 55
Inside Sq. Ft: 2028,
Hood System: No
Neighboring Businesses: shops, grocery stores, banks, city offices, schools, apartments, hospital
Hours Open: Monday 10AM–10PM Tuesday 10AM–10PM Wednesday 10AM–10PM Thursday 10AM–10PM Friday 10AM–10PM Saturday 10AM–10PM Sunday 10AM–10PM
# of Part-Time Employees: 18
# of Full-Time Employees: 1
Net Sales: $462169.32


  • Sub Franchise for Sale in Grand Rapids - Voted Number 1 in Job Growth in 2017
  • Untapped Marketing Opportunities Surround the Location
  • Perfect Turnkey Situation is a Great Opportunity
  • beautifully built out 2,028 square foot space seats up to 55 guests
  • Outside seating for those gorgeous Michigan summers
  • One of the Nation's Favorite Sandwich Franchise
  • Don't start from scratch with debt - Turn the Open sign on watch the money come in
  • Sub Franchise for Sale