Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale Simple Concept with Great Earnings

On the lookout for demonstrated earnings and a major brand?  This Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale that qualifies for financing is the one!  Owner Benefits of $83,000 on the books makes SBA lending possible with as little as 30% down.  
Support by the brand is provided when you purchase this Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale.  You receive training, support and service from a full operations team.  The franchise transfer charge $4,500 ensures that your two-week training is provided as well as transferring the duration of the licensing term you’re your name.

The Restaurant Brokers recommend this Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale for many reasons.  One - it's profitable, an owner operator could bring home $83,000 in earnings with this money-making store.  Two- no late nights, this franchise brand offers a great quality of life with limited hours and no late nights.  Three- easy to operate concept, this brand has swept the nation and has made their stores fun to run, and easy to operate.  

The purchase of this Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale will be spread over a ten-year term with favorable rates for all those who have strong credit.  Don’t miss out since this location also features a great location close to major shopping and the surround area offers great demographics. 
Operating hours of just 12pm - 9pm mean you retain an excellent quality of life while working in the food industry. There’s no need to develop a concept from the beginning when you can cash in on earnings of $83,000 in your first year of operation.  This Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale is a part of one of the leading froyo brands in the world. 
This perfectly sized location in the Pougheepsie-Newburgh-Middletown metro area of New York is a well-run operation based on easy to duplicate processes taught by the brand.  The monthly rental rate on this Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale is just $4,953, which includes all fees charged by the landlord like taxes and insurance.  The rental agreement is valid until August 2023, which includes the initial lease duration and in addition, any renewal options.

No late hours, SBA lending, profitable location, and easy to operate concept makes this one of the sweetest deals in the area!  Call We Sell Restaurants today with your offer, before this Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale deal is gone!

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  • Listing#: 7824
  • Price: $225000
  • Location: Newburgh
Lease Term: Expires Agust 2023
Monthly Rent: $4953,
Indoor Seating: 15
Hood System: Yes
Hours Open: 12pm - 9pm
# of Part-Time Employees: 1
# of Full-Time Employees: 1
Net Sales: $354835.00
Owner Benefit: $83351


  • Great Earnings of $83,000
  • Simple to operate concept makes owning this brand fun
  • No late nights and limited hours offers you a great quality of life
  • Close to proximity to major shopping in heavily traveled area
  • Completely turn-key and fully equipped
  • Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale