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Seven Franchises for Sale in Colorado Doing Sales of $4.2 Million

Get ready to rake in the dough when you become the owner of these seven franchises for sale in Colorado! These franchises for sale are doing sales of $4.2 million annually and the current owner is taking home over $150,000. These will easily qualify for lending!
Here's a great opportunity to become a multi-unit franchises for sale owner. These stores offered by the Restaurant Brokers are in prime locations in Colorado! Why spend the money to build out new locations when you can own seven franchises for sale for a fraction of the cost! No worrying about permits or inspections.

The breakdown of rent and square footage of these franchises for sale are as follows:
Store 1: 1,850 square feet for $7,725/month
Store 2: 1,805 square feet for $4,061/month
Store 3: 1,675 square feet for $5,159.84/month
Store 4: 2,400 square feet for $5,119/month
Store 5: 1,850 square feet for $10,494/month
Store 6: 1,657 square feet for $5,942.12/month
Store 7: 1,950 square feet for $6,720.70 per month

What else is great about these franchises for sale? There is no frying or alcohol to worry about! Staff and management are in place at each of these seven franchises for sale and all operations are running efficiently. The current owner has had an extremely successful run with these businesses and is ready to pass the reins onto the next owner so that he can enjoy retirement! The new owner will receive three weeks of corporate training from the franchisor to ensure complete confidence after the transition. Royalties are 6% of Sales and the marketing fees are 2% of the sales.

Are you planning on financing these franchises for sale? The Restaurant Brokers have got you covered!  These franchises for sale will qualify for SBA lending with no problem with just 20% - 30% down and you. These businesses have excellent books and records to support hefty six-figure earnings of the current owner.
All seven of these franchises for sale come fully equipped and are turnkey and ready for the new owner to come in and continue to grow sales. This franchisor will provide you with a Franchise Business Consultant in store to help train you for your first week as the owner-operator. This is in addition to the three weeks of corporate training you will receive!

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  • Listing#: 5919
  • Price: $499000
  • Location: Highlands Ranch

Lease Term: 4/2020 I 2018 I 2018 w/ 5-year option I 10/16 w/ 3-5 year options I 5/20 w/ 2-5 year options I 2015

Monthly Rent: $42848.5,5159.84,4061.25,4487.71,

Indoor Seating: 48 I I I I 52 I 55 I 58

Inside Sq. Ft: 1850,1805,1675,2400,5457,

Hood System: Yes

Hours Open: 6 Stores: M-Sat: 10am-9pm Sun: 10am-7pm 1 Store: M-Sat: 10am-9pm Sun: 11am-7pm

# of Part-Time Employees: 9 I 6 I 6 I 6 I 6 I 7 I 4

# of Full-Time Employees: 5 I 2 I 2 I 2 I 6 I 5 I 6

Net Sales: $4267860.00

Owner Benefit: $151723.92


  • Here's your opportunity to own seven franchises for sale
  • The current owner is taking home over $150,000 annually!
  • Seven stores doing a total of over $4.2 million in sales each year!
  • Three weeks of training provided by the franchisor
  • Royalties are 6% of Sales and the marketing fees are 2% of the sales.
  • Unbeatable locations with untapped marketing opportunities
  • Don't Start from the Bottom! Soar from the Top with SEVEN FIGURE SALES
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