Mission & Vision

We Sell Restaurants® is the industry leader in restaurants for sale. Our mission is to sell more restaurants than anyone else – PERIOD and our name says it all. We Sell Restaurants! We are specialists in selling restaurants, restaurant space for lease and we lead the nation in franchise restaurants for sale that are open and operating - franchise resales.

The We Sell Restaurants® brand is known nationwide for professionalism, industry knowledge and unmatched service. Whether you are in the market to buy a restaurant, find a restaurant for lease, resell a restaurant franchise or sell an independent restaurant or bar, the We Sell Restaurants® brand is unmatched in experience and knowledge. Our website is an invaluable resource where we focus on sharing knowledge, information and of course, restaurant for sale listings. We train and certify the best in the industry with the only Certified Restaurant Broker® program in the nation. We are franchisors as well as a resource to the restaurant and franchise industry. Our restaurant brokers are knowledgeable, educated and professional.

We Sell Restaurants® was created by the dynamic team of Eric and Robin Gagnon, the most productive restaurant brokers in the nation. This well-known team not only sells more restaurants than anyone else in the U.S. but they also write, present and serve in national organizations that support the industry. These industry experts are frequent radio hosts and guests on the topics of buying and selling restaurants.


Why you should choose us

We Sell Restaurants founders and Restaurant Brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon are nationally known for their expertise and knowledge. They are the authors of Appetite for Acquisition, a book on buying and selling restaurants described as the “definitive guide for anyone looking to enter the restaurant industry and named Best of 2012 by Small Business Book Awards with a five star rating on Amazon. They have been designated Industry Experts by Business Brokerage Press and are multi-year presenters to the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). They have also served as guest panelists at the International Franchise Association (IFA), the Southeast Franchise Forum (SEFF) and the Women’s Franchise Network (WFN). These experts are popular radio eshow hosts, frequent writers and guests for industry related events.

The nation’s most productive restaurant brokers, they are now franchising the We Sell Restaurants® brand nationwide.
Download our dozens of tools and ebooks. Read our hundreds of articles on buying and selling restaurants and spend time on WeSellRestaurants.com. You will instantly see the benefit of our knowledge on the nation's most sophisticated website for restaurant buyers and restaurant sellers. We deliver an online confidentiality agreement, 24 hour access to restaurant listing information, photographs, the address, financial reports and even videos via our state of the art platform. Register as a buyer today for access to the latest restaurant listings first.
Buying and selling a restaurant is a specialized transaction. We have the only Certified Restaurant Brokers in the industry. They have undergone intensive training, testing and a program of study designed to ensure their expertise is unsurpassed. Questions about the financial performance of a restaurant? We can answer. Information on buying a franchise restaurant needed? We have that information. Seeking answers for why one restaurant is priced one way and another a different? That’s not a problem. We believe you can only be the best at something if you study it intently, do it more than one time and understand it uniquely. Unlike general brokers, we won’t sell a restaurant today and a daycare center tomorrow. We have the restaurant lenders, the restaurant insurers, the hospitality resources to deliver what you need. Our expertise is unmatched in the brokerage industry worldwide.


Spend time on the We Sell Restaurants website and download one of the dozens of free e-books, tips, worksheets and articles with advice for buying a restaurant. We cover everything from lending resources to how to value a restaurant in all the free resources available to our buyers. Register online (no obligation or cost) and look at one of our hundreds of restaurants for sale online. Take the time to qualify with us financially so we can provide instantaneous access to tools like our Business Analysis Tool, the only industry specific report created from the restaurant financial statements weighted against industry averages. Contact one of our Certified Restaurant Brokers and get more information about the process and allow him or her to guide you in your search for buying a restaurant. You can also visit Amazon and buy our book, Appetite for Acquisition” for the most fact filled 352 pages ever published on how to buy a restaurant.
Download our free guide to selling a restaurant first so you can begin to educate yourself on the process of selling your restaurant. Spend time on our website and read or download any of the dozens of free e-books, tips, worksheets and articles with advice for buying or selling a restaurant. Learn what influences the pricing of restaurants and what the valuation should (and should not) include. Contact one of our Certified Restaurant Brokers and ask them to do a free (no obligation) valuation of your restaurant.
A Certified Restaurant BrokerTM has undergone intensive training to understand the fundamentals of restaurant valuation, buyer and seller strategies and navigation of our proprietary software in order to provide our restaurant buyers and sellers with schedule that includes restaurant valuation, understanding the mindset of the buyer, and blending learning techniques in a classroom setting include role playing, slide show and live work with buyers and sellers.