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BBQ Restaurants for Sale

BBQ Restaurants for Sale

Barbecue is a cuisine with dozens of variations and centuries-old cuisine. Barbecue is an American favorite.  One study shows 95% of American’s love BBQ.  Is there any wonder our BBQ restaurants for sale at We Sell Restaurants are part of our most popular inventory?  From north to south, franchise to independent, everyone puts their own sauce together in a way that makes each of the BBQ restaurants for sale, unique to their market, and with a very loyal customer base.

Barbeque is so popular that it has its own day on July 13th each year in the United States. Barbecue restaurants for sale are a rapidly growing niche in the U.S. Restaurant industry. There are only a few national franchise brands that keep the market for BBQ restaurants remains wide open. There are more than 14,000 BBQ restaurants across America making up just 2% of the total U.S. restaurant.  BBQ restaurants for sale are part of that two percent and when a customer is hooked on the sauce, they return again and again.  Despite the low percentage of the industry, it is the 15th most popular menu type nationwide. The BBQ industry is currently one of the hottest restaurant markets around and continues to become more popular with consumers and business owners.
Where do these BBQ restaurants for sale originate?  Barbecue has southern roots and the majority of the BBQ restaurants for sale, outside of franchises,  remain below the Mason Dixon line. “If there’s one food Americans are passionate about, it’s barbecue,” says Brad Bloom, VP of Sales and Marketing at CHD Expert The Americas. Since BBQ is beloved by so many Americans there is an increased amount of creativity in the market for BBQ restaurants for sale like the ones featured on this page.

The traditional flavors of barbeque mixed with the rising flavors on menus allow the market to keep growing. Barbecue is actually America's second-largest food trend. The popularity of BBQ on television shows and BBQ joints across the country are factors in the exponential growth of this industry. 

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BBQ Restaurants for Sale

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