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Bagel Shops for Sale

Bagel Shops for Sale

Thinking of buying a bagel shop for sale?  Good idea!  Bagels are eaten by 61% of adults. Of those, over 50% say fresh bagels are best! Bagels sales keep going up, while other bread sales decline (thanks in part to low carb fad diets sweeping the nation.  Forget those carbs -- we love our bagels!  It's estimated that 202.62 million Americans consumed bagels in 2016 -- now that means there's a lot of dough to be made when buying a bagel shop for sale like the ones offered by the restaurant brokers. 

Bagel shops for sale offer some advantages over other business opportunities in the restaurant industry.  First, they typically start and end the day early. That means anyone buying a bagel shop for sale needs to be an early riser but will probably be home to pick the kids up from school!  That's a great schedule for the restaurant business. 

Secondly, there is limited equipment needed to outfit a bagel shop for sale.  The cuisine tends to be very focused and bagels and their toppings so you don't need lots of 6 burner stoves, flat tops, fryers, and other expensive equipment used to outfit other types of restaurants for sale. 

Want some more winning statistics for the industry?  Here are some other fun facts about the super carb we love.  

Did you know people eat bagels the most in the mornings?  77% of the time it’s as a “main dish”, with only a topping and a beverage as accompaniment!

Do you know most bagel eating is concentrated around the Great Lakes and the NJ, NW, and PA areas – topped by New Yorkers, Bagels are favored over other bread products!

Lastly, just how many calories are in that bagel?  The average number of calories in a full-sized, unadorned, plain New Yorker bagel is 240. You can up that caloric number by adding toppings, or reduce it by option for a New Yorker mini bagel!

If you're in the market to buy one of our bagel shops for sale, check out the many listings below or contact one of the nation's only Certified Restaurant Brokers for more information.  

If you missed the 2004 New York State Fair, you didn't get to see the world's largest bagel.  You may have to buy one of our bagel shops for sale so you can try and beat this record set by Bruegger's Bagels.  It weighed 868 pounds and measured 6 feet in diameter!  Now that's a lot of dough! 

Bagel Shops for Sale

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