Bars for Sale can represent a great opportunity for a buyer who want the high profit and growth associated with the industry.  America has been described as the primary target market in the world for alcohol consumption because America has the best balance of excise taxes, product integrity and competitive landscape controls along with a growing diverse 21+ market.  That means a growing demand for anyone looking at Bars for Sale in any state in the U.S.

The choice of bars for sale ranges widely from the local pub where everyone knows your name (a la Cheers) to large restaurants and multi-level venues that house hundreds of thirsty patrons at a time.  Some trends the restaurant brokers are still focusing on as we see bars for sale come onto the marketplace include the craft beer boom.  According to the Beverage and Alcohol Insights group, customers are "choosing local brews more often than national brands." Beer sales nationally topped 104 Billion in 2015. 

Distilled spirits are also increasing due to a strong interest in craft cocktails.  All of that is good news for buyers focusing on bars for sale, especially if you are willing to source local beers and create unusual cocktails.  Typically, even if the economy is trending negatively, alcohol sales remain strong.  In 2015, industry research by the Beverage Information and Insights group stated that "beer, wine and spirits sales volume outpaced the growth of overall consumer package goods – increasing by 2.16%, compared to 0.2% for consumer package goods."  

Three important tips to consider when comparing bars for sale. First.  Make sure you focus on provable income.  The bar industry is full of those who fail to report all their income, so verifying the numbers is especially important.  Secondly, be certain you're up to speed on the alcohol license laws for the individual states. Even the restaurant brokers can't keep up with all the changes and requirements which may be different from city to city as well as from state to state.  Thirdly, Alcohol service is an area where you need to consider hiring professional help.  There are incredible apps now that will give you great visibility into what your staff is doing at the bar.  Invest and use these.  In addition, firms like Bevintel can perform a weekly inventory and tell you what's going on in terms of shortages.  Lastly, be sure to properly train your staff in spotting legitimate ID's before serving.  Buying one of our bars for sale may put you into a fun and exciting business, but you must cover all the bases to protect yourself against fraud or damages.   

Bars for Sale

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