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Breakfast Restaurant for Sale Opportunities

Breakfast Restaurant for Sale Opportunities

Breakfast restaurant for sale opportunities specialize in one of the most profitable dayparts - early morning.  Why are these breakfast restaurant for sale opportunities so popular?   Maybe it's because of all those advertisements for the incredible, edible egg!  Eggs are the star of breakfast and it's no wonder when you look at the statistics.  Did you know that the United States egg production totaled 7.55 billion during April 2017?  That's a huge number. 

In 1909, USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS) began tracking egg consumption in America. The highest per capita egg consumption was in 1945 when each American ate 404 eggs per person. Egg consumption was on a 46-year downward slide until the 1990's. Then eggs became increasingly popular. The fewest eggs consumed yearly per person were 229 in 1991. In 2011, we ate 245 eggs per person.

For many reasons, the restaurant brokers have been seeing the breakfast (i.e. egg based concepts) growing in both the independent and franchise categories.  From iconic brands like Huddle House and Waffle House that sell breakfast 24 hours a day to the newest brands on the scene like Another Broken Egg and others that are focused on this profitable day part. Another reason for the popularity of breakfast restaurant for sale opportunities like the ones you see here is because of the simplicity of food preparation.  We have all had a chance scrambling, frying or toasting the components of the first meal of the day so training kitchen help is pretty straightforward. 

Where do all those eggs come from?  Five states produce over half the nation's eggs.  Those states (in order) are:  Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.  Where are all the breakfast restaurant for sale opportunities?  They are offered nationwide and range from franchise to independent.  They can include those open 24 hours a day to those operating only for breakfast and lunch. 

Check out our listings and let's talk about helping you buy one of the breakfast restaurants for sale today! 

Breakfast Restaurant for Sale Opportunities

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