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Deli for Sale

Buying a deli for sale means you have bought into a great lifestyle business.  For the most part, these iconic American classic restaurants feature a breakfast and lunch menu though some are open 24 hours a day. Did you know that Delicatessen is a German word as well as having origins in French where délicatesse, meaning "delicious things (to eat)"?  According to Wikipedia, the short form was first used in America in 1954 and has come to symbolize the iconic business known today as simply, a "deli".

One of the most popular types of restaurants for sale, a deli is often seen as a good lifestyle choice.  While it may involve early mornings, the late-night business is limited.  Very few delis for sale offer any type of alcoholic beverage so it's also a good fit for those who do not want to worry about an alcohol license or any type of liability associated with operating that type of business.  A deli for sale is often synonymous with great baking with fresh bagels, muffins, and bread as part of the menu.  

A deli for sale can also include any number of prepared foods along with food service and specialty cheese-type offerings. According to Deli Business Magazine's April 2016 edition, the sale of deli sandwiches has grown more than 5 percent three years in a row while other deli categories like soup, dips, sauces, and desserts outpaced that growth in the same time period.  

Deciding what to stock in the deli case is limited only by the imagination.  In the 2015 “What’s Hot” Culinary Forecast from the National Restaurant Association, “house-cured meats/charcuterie” was the No. 2 trend for appetizers. This is the result of the rise of “craft” salami and charcuterie, items easily found at most deli for sale locations offered by the restaurant brokers. 

While the majority of the locations offered by We Sell Restaurants are still independent businesses, especially in markets like the Northeast and Southern Florida, franchise delis for sale are growing in popularity.  Concepts like Panera Bread and Atlanta Bread Company have popularized the traditional deli concept with a system and branded approach accomplished through strong training.  For many of those concepts, training will take six weeks or more and they offer a commissary that prepares the dough so that only proofing and baking is done locally. 

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Deli for Sale

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