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Florida Restaurants for Sale

Florida Restaurants for Sale

If you are interested in buying a Restaurant, focus on Florida restaurants for sale.  

Florida restaurants are expected to do $40.3 Billion in sales in 2016 according to the National Restaurant Association.  There were 39,325 eating and drinking places in Florida as of 2014.  A whopping 995,600 people are employed in the restaurant industry in Florida or 14 percent of the total workforce. By 2026 that number is projected to grow by 17. percent. (Source: National Restaurant Association.  Includes all restaurant and foodservice occupations. Employment figures are projected.)

Overall, Florida is the fourth most populous state in the nation and the most populous state in the Southeast with 19 Million residents in 2011.  Florida's total personal income ranks fourth in the nation and first in the southeast.  
Florida is a business-friendly environment where an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive costs, and streamlined regulations are the drivers of small business.  Florida is home to three of the nation's most cost-competitive large metros.  Florida ranks among America's Top 10 most entrepreneurial states and has more than 2 Million small businesses. Florida's universities are regarded as some of the best in the country in technology transfer.  Florida is also a global hub with its strategic geographic location, infrastructure, and concentration of corporate and financial resources. 

All of this activity, around entrepreneurship and the creation of a business-friendly environment, keep people moving to the sunshine state.  Those people need to eat! That doesn’t include the tourists who descend on the land of Mickey Mouse and more.  Florida ranks first in the southeast and third in the nation in leisure and hospitality.  That's a growth industry you're thinking of joining. 

It's easy to see why Florida is a great destination if you’re in the market to buy a restaurant. 

Buying a Florida restaurant for sale is a team sport and you may need all kinds of help.  Our Florida Certified Restaurant Broker© has plenty of resources and aid for you.  Here’s a starting point for the most common requests: 

Florida Restaurants for Sale

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