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Food Business for Sale

The customer's appetite for takeout and delivery has led to several different food business for sale opportunities that differ from the traditional restaurant.  Here are just a few examples that are currently trending across the United States as a result of the change in dining brought about by the pandemic of 2020.

Ghost Kitchen Food Business for Sale 

What is a Ghost Kitchen Food Business for Sale?  A  ghost kitchen is a concept that is for food prep and cooking only for delivery to customers.   There is no actual restaurant associated with the concept.  These are also known as other names like a delivery-only restaurant, virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, or commissary kitchen. With the advent of third-party delivery concepts like DoorDash, UberEats, and more, a Ghost kitchen food business for sale like the ones offered by We Sell Restaurants have grown tremendously in adoption by the consumer and the number of concepts operating. 

There are both pros and cons to operating a ghost kitchen.  Some of the benefits or pros include lower rent levels since you don't need a strong retail location.  This could include lower start-up costs overall since there is no dine-in seating or need for an expensive build-out.

The cons can include higher costs to deliver and building a reputation since you have no traditional "brick and mortar" location.
Delivery Food Business for Sale

A delivery food business for sale is a concept such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, or similar brands that sign up restaurants with the rights to advertise and deliver their menu choices.  While there are some large operators in this space, there are still several established and small operators who don't charge the high fees associated with the larger brands. 

If you are interested in joining the industry, a food business for sale is a great opportunity.  There is a lower barrier to entry in a highly competitive space since you are operating virtual restaurants, not actual restaurants. 

If you are in the market for a food business for sale, the experts at We Sell Restaurants can provide you with opportunities available today like the one's features on this page. If you operate a food business for sale today, contact the Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants for advice on selling your business for the most money in the shortest period of time. 


Each of our listings provides full details including the sales, profitability, the size, price, number of employees, and more.  

Food Business for Sale

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