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Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Franchises for Sale

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Franchises for Sale

Not sure if you should buy a Frozen yogurt franchise for sale or an ice cream franchise for sale?  Consider these numbers.  The frozen yogurt industry grew 74 percent between 2011 and 2013.  That's pretty explosive growth for an industry that as of 2015 was estimated to be worth 1.9 Billion.  The industry experts tell us that revenue is forecast to grow at 5 percent to $2.4 Billion by 2020. While the healthier side of the business (frozen yogurt) grows, Americans love their ice cream and it's a $5.7 Billion dollar business. The number of frozen yogurt stores has more than doubled over the last five years, increasing from 1,274 in 2010 to 2,896 in 2015.

Customers surveyed by one popular concept revealed that 45.3 percent of us eat a sweet frozen treat sold at these frozen yogurt franchises for sale at least once a month while 40.5 percent of those surveyed treat themselves every week!   The Restaurant Brokers definitely fall somewhere in the middle as we have a huge appetite for this frozen goodness!

America is the number two consuming ice cream country in the world, outpaced only by New Zealand.  About 9 percent of all the milk produced in the United States goes to make ice cream.  Want to know more about our addiction to this national treasure before buying one of these frozen yogurt or ice cream franchises for sale?  It takes about 50 licks to finish a single scoop of ice cream and the perfect temperature for scooping ice cream is between 6 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why are frozen yogurt franchises for sale and ice cream franchises for sale so popular?  One key reason is the ease of operation.  It is simple to scoop and serve ice cream and many frozen yogurt concepts are now self-service.  In addition, these businesses don't typically involve late nights or alcohol so it's a worry-free concept if you're new to the business world.

If you're thinking about buying one of these frozen yogurt franchises for sale or an ice cream franchise for sale, you may want to consider where it's located.  When ice cream consumption is broken down by state, residents of the District of Columbia eat the most, followed by Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Texas.  For frozen yogurt, it's California leading the way with 33.1 percent of all establishments followed by New York, Florida, Texas, and Georgia.  

Taking this a step further and the award for the most ice cream eaten by its residents by city goes to Long Beach, California, followed by Dallas and Philadelphia. The history of ice cream can be traced back to Marco Polo who brought an early form of Ice Cream to Europe in the 1300s.  In 1845, the hand-cranked ice cream freezer was invented.

Want more information on how to launch your own business?  Check out our frozen yogurt franchises for sale from the list below.

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Franchises for Sale

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