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Mexican Restaurants for Sale

Mexican Restaurants for Sale

These Mexican restaurants for sale by the Restaurant Brokers are part of the nation's most popular cuisine, second only to Italian for the first place position.

There are no less than 41,050 of these locations across the United States (according to the United State Census Bureau 2014 data).  That means they outpace everything from Chinese kitchens to seafood shacks nationwide.  It's no wonder that Mexican restaurants for sale top the list of favorites for our buyers.  They ring up $44.5 Billion in revenue each year!

What's the favorite of all the choices served at these Mexican restaurants for sale offered by the restaurant brokers?  It has to be the tacos.  Last year, Americans ate over 4.5 Billion (yes, that's Billion, with a "B") tacos.  That's 490,000 miles of tacos if you laid them out (that would take you to the moon and back).  Put those on a scale and they would weigh in at 774 Million pounds, or twice the weight of the Empire State Building. 

It's no wonder these Mexican restaurants for sale are at the top of the "buy now" list of those looking to enter the industry.  Other great tips to know about Mexican restaurants for sale include their control over costs.  Food cost can be easily controlled in this type of concept as the meat is paired with vegetables.  Meat portions are smaller with pairings like rice and beans which are very low-cost items for an operator to prepare.  The cuisine can be down and dirty with a food truck or upscale with full service.  It depends on how you want to offer the meal.  Either way, any of these Mexican restaurants for sale are sure to offer an opportunity for someone looking to enter the business.

Grab a margarita, some chips, and salsa and browse these great Mexican restaurants for sale today!

Mexican Restaurants for Sale

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