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Multi Unit Restaurants for Sale

Multi Unit Restaurants for Sale

Multi-Unit Restaurants for sale refers to any opportunity for more than one single restaurant unit.  This can refer to franchise restaurants for sale or independent restaurants for sale as long as they are offered as a package of more than one store of a single concept.  The benefits of owning more than one store include the ability to share resources and overhead expenses such as management, labor between stores, or even negotiate better pricing with suppliers over a single store location.

In the case of franchise multi-unit restaurants for sale, there may be a higher multiple applied to the sales price due to the valuation achieved and the earnings created by more units.  On the purchasing side, the requirements for acquiring a group of stores, or multiple locations may be more difficult than purchasing a single store.  A franchisor or even an independent operator wants to believe that you have the ability to operate a more complex situation than a single unit.  The lenders will want, (usually), to see that you have experience handling more complex operations or that you have a background in restaurant ownership or management before acquiring multi-unit restaurants for sale like the ones featured by We Sell Restaurants. 

The opportunities for financing are still strong with multi-unit restaurants for sale qualifying for lending based on a ten-year amortization of a loan at normal business rates provided the buyers can demonstrate:

  • Business or operations experience 
  • Strong credit score (minimum of 650) 
  • 15 - 20 percent down on the purchase price 
They may not, in most instances, have faced bankruptcy in the past five years.  They will also not be able to qualify if the spouse doesn't also meet the criteria.  

The benefit of owning several stores also takes some pressure off every single store to achieve optimal results.  If a change in the area demographics or shopping patterns creates a slide in performance for one store, the other stores may shore up or buoy the performance of the overall store group.  When purchasing multi-unit restaurants for sale, there is a desire to pick the best restaurants for sale from the group overall, rather than take the entire group.  Usually, when priced together, all multi-unit restaurants for sale like the listings below by We Sell Restaurants are packaged together at one price. 

Multi Unit Restaurants for Sale

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