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North Carolina Restaurants For Sale

North Carolina Restaurants For Sale

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are over 18,000 restaurants in the state of North Carolina that contribute a booming $18.1 Billion dollars to the economy.  The food and hospitality industry employs over 458,000 people which is equivalent to 12 percent of the total employment for the state. That number is expected to grow by 14.8 percent by 2026 creating 67,900 additional jobs. The Tax Foundation states that North Carolina residents are over nine percent below the national average per capita in state and local taxes.  

North Carolina restaurants for sale are an opportunity most buyers explore due to the moderate climate with mild winters, pleasant springs and falls, with warm summers; a very diverse economy; and over 9% below the national average cost of living. With the second largest highway system in the United States, North Carolina has been considered the third-best state for businesses by Forbes Magazine. The state is a national leader in agriculture, financial services, manufacturing, and the ever-growing research and technology sector, with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). 

Considering the state of North Carolina is the number one sweet potato grower in the United States, and the state is second in the production of pigs and hogs, trout, and turkeys, restaurants are an influential part of a booming North Carolina economy. So it's no wonder those buying businesses are flocking to North Carolina restaurants for sale offered by the restaurant brokers.

The restaurant brokers feature North Carolina restaurants for sales in all major markets in North Carolina.  Katy Sizemore, the Franchise Partner for We Sell Restaurants heads the Raleigh/Durham office. 

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Buying a North Carolina restaurant for sale is a team sport and you may need all kinds of help. Our North Carolina Certified Restaurant Broker® has plenty of resources and aid for you. Here’s a starting point for the most common requests:

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North Carolina Restaurants For Sale

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