Florida has more than 40,000 restaurants producing sales of more than $41.7 Billion dollars according to the National Restaurant Association.
This vital and expanding industry produces more than 1 million jobs for the state and continues to grow.  The We Sell Restaurants office covering Tampa and St. Petersburg led by Don Mason provides a critical service to this market with our Tampa Restaurants for Sale.
The Tampa Restaurants for Sale featured by our market leader reside in an area named by realtor.com as the number one place people were relocating to in the United States. The economy in Tampa is spread between healthcare, finance, retail, national defense, real estate, and of course tourism which brings a large window for success in the restaurant industry.

Restaurants for sale in Tampa Florida are something most buyers will want to explore due to both the large tourism industry and a large population of locals. The thriving area has a strong economy and amazing sunny weather year-round, so restaurants should take advantage of outdoor seating. 
Tampa is located in Hillsborough County Florida. Florida is one of less than ten states with no income tax, so if you buy a Tampa Restaurant for sale you can rest assured that you'll keep more of your hard-earned money.  

The city of Tampa has a population of just under 400,000 people, making it the third most populous city in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville.  Tampa is known for its quality of life with beaches, tropical climates, and a unique environmental ecosystem.
As the top place that Americans were moving to only a few years ago, it’s no wonder our buyers are seeking Tampa restaurants for sale.  The quality of life is unmatched and the opportunity unlimited if you're looking to buy and operate a Tampa restaurant for sale, and remember, no state income tax! 
Resources for Buying one of these Tampa Restaurants for Sale 

Buying a Tampa Restaurant for Sale is a team effort and you may need all kinds of help. Start with Certified Restaurant Broker Don Mason.  A veteran of the restaurant industry, he owns and operates his own successful We Sell Restaurants franchise and is the only Certified Restaurant Broker in the nation with expertise on Tampa Restaurants for sale. 
Contact Don at (727) 470-8423 or via email at Don@wesellrestaurants.com

Tampa Restaurants for Sale

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