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Jerry Couvaras
Restaurant Brokers Discuss Restaurant Products on Grocery Shelves(On air date :12-22-2017)
Do you have a secret sauce from your restaurant or item that you want to move from your restaurant to grocery store shelves? Are you interested in know how to monetize product through alternate distribution channels? We are talking to guests that have restaurant product in 3,000 stores nationwide in brand names like Costco and Whole Foods. They are sharing their tips for success with listeners. Do not miss it because these CEOs are not holding back! They all agree that while success may not happen quickly, there is, according to at least one of these experts, great demand for brands to be in supermarkets. They all agree it can be harder than you think to move your restaurant offerings onto restaurant shelves since as one guest puts it, you will not get into Costco overnight.[Show Page]
Andrew Waber
Restaurants Are Going Digital! What's on the restaurant technology menu?(On air date :12-15-2017)
What's on the menu for technology? A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association says customer use of technology is rapidly expanding. From menu placement to redeeming rewards, paying the charge with a smart phone or finding deals, technology is front and center. Are you ready for the digital age at your restaurant? Does technology help or hurt the customer experience? We're on the air with the experts. Join the restaurant brokers as we gauge the impact of high tech on this tasty business. [Show Page]
Chef Antonia Lofaso
Restaurant Brokers Interview Restaurant Startup Star Antonia Lofaso(On air date :12-13-2017)
The restaurant brokers are interviewing one of Americas most loved Chefs - Chef Antonia Lofaso. Known for the star power she brought to Top Chef Season 4, she is now on CNBCs Restaurant Startup with Joe Bastianich and Tim Love where they are on a quest to discover, develop and invest in Americas next generation of culinary superstars. Chef Antonia is the culinary consultant to the two restaurant moguls who vie against each other to invest in concepts they thing can make big profits. Join the Restaurant Brokers as we interview Chef Antonia Lofaso. [Show Page]
Sharon Palmer
Food Magazines Dish It Up on the Industry(On air date :12-08-2017)
What are the hottest trends in food straight from the pages of today's hottest magazine. Food Editors and writers focused on foodies dish on the industry on this week's radio show. Has the newest health craze changed the perception of food? What cuisine is showing up on the pages and in the photos of magazines for 2015? Join the restaurant brokers as we talk food with influential food editors and writers from some of the top food magazines. [Show Page]
Elfie Weiss
The Restaurant Brokers talk about how to sweeten a restaurant concept!(On air date :12-01-2017)
What's the difference in a sweet restaurant concept turning out treats like Cinnamon Buns and Doughnuts? How do these concepts attract loyal customers and keep them returning for a special sweet something? How do you develop a menu, time your baking schedule and build a brand around a "treat" versus "meat". Running a restaurant concept focused on a sweet food item is the topic of this week's show. Join the restaurant brokers along with our guests as we talk Sweet Restaurant Concepts.[Show Page]
Richard Gorowitz
Equipping a Restaurant for Success, what you need and how you know(On air date :11-29-2017)
What are the approximate costs to equip a restaurant? How has restaurant equipment needs changed or evolved over the past few years? What are the trends in restaurant equipment? Restaurant equipment EXPERTS weigh in.[Show Page]
Aziz Hashim
Expanding from a Single Unit to a Multi Unit, growing your business!(On air date :11-27-2017)
This weeks Restaurant Radio show focuses on how to grow from a single unit to a multi-unit operator! The Restaurant Brokers talk to Aziz Hashim who was recognized in 2014 by Nations Restaurant News as one of the 50 most powerful leaders in the Foodservice Industry. They are also joined by Pierre Panos, of Fresh To Order, named one of the 2014 Hot Concepts by the same publication. What makes a concept scalable beyond one or two doors? What are the challenges as a restaurant grows? What advice do these experts have for others in the industry looking to go from a single store to many more? Listen as the restaurants brokers explore this topic with the these leaders that set the standard for multi-unit development. [Show Page]
Tim Hannan
Restaurant Ratings! Who is Saying What? - May 9th, 2015(On air date :11-01-2017)
Restaurant brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon get the inside scoop on online food resources and ratings as Yelp Atlanta's, Ben Getz and Gogobots' Tim Hannan give their insight. These companies have been publicly recognized all over the world as the go-to source for foodies that want to talk about their experiences. How does restaurant rating directly affect the customer experience? Ben and Tim cover all this and more[Show Page]
Connie Alires
The Restaurant Franchise Approval Process - Getting to Yes! (On air date :10-13-2017)
What or who makes a great restaurant franchisee? Are there tips and techniques to make sure you're approved when you go before the franchisor for that all important Discovery Day? What are the most important traits that large and small franchisors believe lead to success? How do they choose candidates to move forward under their brand? Listen as the restaurant brokers explore this topic with franchise experts from across the nation. [Show Page]
Amanda Marcello
The Annual Trends Report, how does it help and what does it mean?(On air date :09-25-2017)
Now in its eighth year, this annual trends report has become an industry standard in anticipating market demand and consumer feedback. Compiled from extensive research, the report is intended as a guide to help operators prepare for the coming year.[Show Page]
Evan Weinstein
Hog Wild For Pork! with Eric & Robin Gagnon (On air date :09-18-2017)
We're hearing from the best in the industry about why Pork is a healthy, tasty and readily available protein for today's chefs. Beyond the classic bacon or pork chop, how is pork being popularized by some of the best chefs in the business? What's the production of pork in America and how is the industry tying into the sustainable food trend? What are some of the quick statistics on this business showing the productivity of the pork industry? Join the restaurant brokers as we go hog wild on the public's insatiable appetite for pork.[Show Page]
Denise Thomas
Restaurant Brokers Discuss Getting Your Financial House In Order(On air date :09-13-2017)
Preparing your franchise brand for financing. What are the steps to get your franchise house in order? What data and analysis resources exist in the industry and what role do they play? We are talking with funding experts from Frandata, United Community Bank, and Apple Pie Capital as we focus on the financial picture of restaurant franchises. Lending is key to expansion and our show delivers the answers this week.[Show Page]
Lauren Fernandez
We Sell Restaurants Interview Women in Franchising(On air date :09-08-2017)
The restaurant brokers are talking to the Women's Franchise Network. Led by the International Franchise Association, the Women's Franchise Network (WFN) is a network of local chapters designed to develop relationships with women franchising professionals by addressing issues, sharing ideas and offering solutions related to franchising. The WFN Atlanta Chapter welcomes women franchisers, franchisees, franchise suppliers and those considering franchising.[Show Page]
Claudio Furgiuele
Delicatessen: Americas Favorite Place For Lunch (On air date :08-21-2017)
The time honored tradition of the delicatessen. What keeps customers coming back for more? How is the landscape changing in the face of more fast casual businesses? Is the corner deli a viable business model? The restaurant brokers want to interview the owners of the local deli that are making their mark in the restaurant industry.[Show Page]
Linkie Marais
The Restaurant Brokers Grill the experts on all things barbeque(On air date :08-18-2017)
What is on the grill? Who is behind the grill? What are the secrets to great grilling? The Restaurant Brokers are taking on the topic loved by chefs as well as those at home. Charcoal or Gas? Marinate or Dry Rub? To Smoke or Not to Smoke? We are talking with experts on the topic of grilling on the radio this week.[Show Page]
Mark Ulrich
Extreme Cuisine! You're making what? Where?(On air date :08-16-2017)
The restaurant brokers are talking to chefs that are known for their extreme cooking. Unusual proteins, extraordinary conditions and more are on the menu as we talk to those who cook in extreme conditions. Join us as we interview one of Food Networks Extreme Chef and another chef who take his food straight from farm to fork. [Show Page]
Hallie Wright
Social Media: Restaurant Friend or Foe(On air date :08-09-2017)
We are talking to Restaurant Social media stars that know how to tweet, post, and otherwise engage with customers. Krispy Kreme - a leader on the Nations Restaurant News Social 200, Green Olive Media expert and Peter Piper Pizza are all connecting with customers online and sharing their tips. Listen this week -- all foodies, restaurant owners and others as we share tips on how to start, grow, and thrive in an online environment. Learn the tips, secrets and tricks to your success online on the restaurant radio show.[Show Page]
Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw
Reinventing the Restaurant Event! Restaurant Brokers Tackle Entertainment(On air date :07-19-2017)
What does this week's restaurant do to attract diners in ways that both serve and delight? Is there an entertainment aspect to dining that you might be missing out on? Have you moved beyond tired old karaoke and poker nights to new and improved ways to tempt customers to head to your bar or restaurant? How do you advertise and bring people in? This week we're talking to restaurant owners that have figured out how to expand on the dining experience to include entertainment . Does live music attract or distract and turn off certain diners?[Show Page]
Zach Current
Emerging Franchisors, how do they do it?(On air date :07-12-2017)
How to build a franchise restaurant brand. What is an emerging franchisor? What are some critical first steps you should know before taking your successful restaurant brand and duplicating a franchise? What would you do differently if you have already launched a brand? Our experts range from a franchise attorney helping successful and emerging brands as well as restaurateurs starting on the road to franchising. Join us as we satisfy your appetite for acquisition, feed the need for restaurant reality and serve up a recipe for business success.[Show Page]
Ted Beveridge
What is the SBDC and Why do You Need to Know?(On air date :07-10-2017)
The Restaurant Brokers are interviewing experts from the Small Business Development Center. Learn how these professional business consultants with a combination of advanced education and real-world experience offer free, confidential consulting. Discover how they assist established and emerging businesses on a variety of subjects including business plans, marketing strategies, financial analysis, management structure, access to capital and much more. [Show Page]
Larry Abramson
Technology Trends in the Restaurant Industry(On air date :06-28-2017)
The restaurant brokers interview industry experts about the latest food technologies in regards to food ordering, food delivering, operations and compliance. Topics discussed will also include the importance of staying up- to-date on the latest food technologies. Find out what technologies can help your restaurant. What are the technologies being used by consumers? [Show Page]
Ryan Macina
Restaurant Brokers Answer -- What is On Tap? (On air date :06-26-2017)
What is on tab in the world of beer? How are local breweries, craft breweries and flavor profiles changing the traditional marketplace? A drink with a rich legacy is getting a lot of attention from customers, social media and marketers alike. We've gathered an all-star cast of experts to top off a subject of interest to our thirsty listeners - Beer[Show Page]
Chef Adam Halberg
Can you Beat Bobby Flay?(On air date :05-10-2017)
The restaurant brokers are talking to those who took on Bobby Flay of Food Network in the Hit Food Network Show Beat Bobby Flay. We will learn what that experience was like? Did our guests beat one of the most well-known celebrity chefs on the planet? Do you want to know if he was gracious in defeat and would they do it again? [Show Page]
Justin Woodward
James Beard Award Winners - The Oscars of the Food Industry(On air date :05-02-2017)
The restaurant brokers are talking to current James Beard Award nominees. Listen and learn what it is like to be nominated for what some call the Oscars of the food industry. We have put together a Whos Who of the food and beverage industry in America. They share how this honor was life changing for each of them as a chef. Join us along with nominees for a an aware that is more than a quarter century old this year. [Show Page]
Steve Frabitore
Southern Specialists Join the Restaurant Brokers (On air date :04-11-2017)
This week the Restaurant Brokers are talking to those who love serving and cooking up Southern Cuisine! What makes Southern cuisine a favorite far beyond the Mason-Dixon line? Is it the comfort, the flavors, the tastes? What defines Southern cuisine? Join us this week to witness the southern sizzle![Show Page]
Karen Spencer
Flip the Script! Robin and Eric interviewed about their own Franchise!!(On air date :03-29-2017)
An introduction to the We Sell Restaurants franchise brand. Guest host Karen Spencer from Fransystems will turn the tables on hosts Eric and Robin as they answer questions on their emerging franchise brand. How do you become a restaurant broker? What does a day in the life of a franchisee look like? What does the success of a typical business broker compare to someone? What are the resources available for a new franchise brand? [Show Page]
Joy Dubost PhD, RD
Menu Development - Calling the Experts to Rewrite Your Menu(On air date :02-28-2017)
Restaurant radio show focuses on menu experts fthis week. How are menus being adapted to fit changing dietary demands? How do restaurants accommodate the need for low calorie options, gluten free or other allergy alternatives? Join our experts on restaurant menus. They have advised others on designing menus and meeting the changing needs of the restaurant diner. [Show Page]
Chef Ed Cotton
Top Chef Contestants On the Air with the Restaurant Brokers(On air date :02-17-2017)
The restaurant brokers are racing their way to the Top! This week we are talking to past contestants of Top Chef. What was it like on an adventurous season on one of Bravo TVs highest rated shows where chefs battle it out? Where are these chefs now and how has this national television exposure changed their careers? Join the restaurant brokers as we get the inside scoop on life before, during and after Top Chef[Show Page]
Kim Zimmerman Florence
Restaurant Training, how to do it best(On air date :02-09-2017)
This weeks show is all about restaurant training. How do restaurants train their staff to deliver greatness? How do the best restaurant companies get everyone on the same page when it comes to service? Has training become more affordable for restaurants over the years? Does an investment in training lead to lower turnover and happier employees? How much restaurant training has shifted to video or online training? What does the training of the future look like (Google glasses anyone?) Kim Zim Hospitality will be joining the Restaurant brokers and giving listeners advice.[Show Page]
Jason Deville
Restaurant, Hotels, and Casinos(On air date :01-12-2017)
Some restaurants are out in the open for everyone to see and some are hidden gems. This week we're talking about the hidden gems. Have you ever had a great night of rest and an even better breakfast all under the same roof? No, we're not talking about your grandmother's house we're talking about Hotels and Casinos. It's true, people are walking into casinos with gambling being the furthest thing from their mind. Join us as the Restaurant Brokers talk with some impressive restaurants located in hotels and casinos and find out what makes them the gems they are.[Show Page]
D.B. Libby Libhart
Controlling Food Costs, keeping them in line(On air date :12-30-2016)
Controlling Food Costs is the key to a restaurant operators profitability. Experts will weigh in on their tips, tools and techniques to keep food costs in line and deliver more profit to the restaurants bottom line.[Show Page]
Gwen Denninghoff
Ooh La La - French Food Takes Center Stage(On air date :12-20-2016)
Oooh La La. French food takes center stage this week. Are you a French foodie? Listen as these French concepts share their secrets of success and favorite dishes. Join the restaurant brokers this week as we talk to those who have taken French food and brought a little bit of Parisian culture and food to an American audience[Show Page]
Joe M. Carbonara
Designing a Restaurant, where do you start?(On air date :12-14-2016)
What are the secrets from the industry experts for designing a restaurant that will WOW. Does it take a lot of money, a lot of imagination or a little of both? Whats the starting point for designing a restaurant? Is it front of the house, back of the house or does it begin with the brand? The restaurant brokers are interviewing experts on restaurant design on this weeks show. [Show Page]
Brandon Hintz
Brew Pubs, what's so special about them?(On air date :11-14-2016)
It's all about the local brew. What's special about the brew pub that is taking market share from the tried and true tap? What do our expert guests know about the subject that will satisfy our listeners appetite for acquisition? What about the trend to "think global, buy local." How is this trend impacting the brew pub market. We are featuring fascinating All-American craft beer purveyors and bars and restaurants with character and insights into why their clients are thirsting for the ultimate local flavor.[Show Page]
Christopher Mullins Jr
Keeping It All In The Family(On air date :10-14-2016)
The restaurant brokers are talking to operators that grew up and took over the family owned business. How does ownership pass from generation to generation? What are the struggles and what are the benefits of coming up through the ranks of the American dream - restaurant ownership. How do you stay true to your history and incorporate the new ideas and energy of the newest generation taking over the reins? Franchise or independents alike, the Restaurant Brokers interview businesses that have more than one generation involved in the operations! [Show Page]
Sastry Penumarthy
POS Systems - the brain of the restaurant(On air date :10-06-2016)
The brain of the restaurant business, the POS system. What are the latest advances and opportunities for restaurant owners to take advantage of? Should you be tablet or Ipad based? Why or why not? How are new changes to credit card standards in the U.S. affecting all restaurant operators and what must they do to get ready? The Restaurant Brokers talk to P.O.S. experts and leading innovators about restaurant specific systems. [Show Page]
Suzanne Bentley
Wheres the Beef?(On air date :09-30-2016)
The cattle industry in America invented farm to table with ranchers, butchers and chefs combining to place this important protein on plates and on palates. Join the restaurant brokers as we interview those close to the industry to learn: 1) The newest cuts of beef and how they are being prepared 2) How the industry provides more than one million jobs in the U.S. creating a ripple effect in the economy and 3) Why Steakhouses remain a favorite of Americans that have had a love affair with beef since the wild west was settled. We're talking to ranchers, representatives of the beef board and chefs who say beef is healthy, on trend and delicious. [Show Page]
Darren Tristano
Technomic & Franchise Times - We Sell Restaurants Radio Show(On air date :09-14-2016)
From sales performance to "heard on the street" nuggets, this week's show will focus on what heavy hitters in the industry see in their crystal ball. What is top of mind for the industry today? What economic issues continue to pose challenges for the industry (gas prices anyone?). How about opportunities? Is there still room for today's restaurant entrepreneur to launch a new concept and take it to the top of their game? The restaurant brokers have assembled an all star panel to give their opinions and analysis on the overall pulse of the restaurant business.[Show Page]
Suzanne Wind
Restaurant Etiquettes: The unspoken rules of restaurant manners(On air date :11-02-2015)
On next weeks show the restaurant brokers, Eric & Robin Gagnon are talking restaurant Etiquette with Suzanne Wind, the award winning author of The SMART Playbook, Chef Ivan Flowers of the Top of the Market, and Cynthia Roden, a certified etiquette consultant! Find out what makes a chef crazy! Sending back food, talking on cell phones, how much to tip? Who to tip? Crying Babies. What are the pet peeves for restauranteurs and how do you deal with them?[Show Page]
David Yoo
Making the Leap: From Corporate Ranks to Restaurant Ownership(On air date :09-21-2015)
Thinking of making that leap from corporate America to the restaurant business? Are you a corporate refugee, restaurant wanna be? Then don't miss this show when the restaurant brokers talk to those who have walked in your shoes. Meet real life owners that hung up their annual six figure incomes to have control over the four walls of their restaurant. They went from life on the corporate gravy train to making the gravy at a place of their own. Regrets or Never better? We're talking to restaurant buyers who have been there. [Show Page]
Carlos Emmons
Dont Drop The Ball: Attracting Athlete Investors to Your Restaurant or Franchise(On air date :09-14-2015)
Professional athletes are investing in restaurant concepts, franchises and clubs at increasing rates. Is it any wonder those stars on the field or court are looking off the field for their next big investment? The restaurant brokers are talking to former professional athletes on what's attracting them to the hospitality business. What are the franchise brands and individuals that make sense for a player's brand? How are restaurants and the hospitality industry a natural fit for those with a competitive spirit and a drive for success? We are talking to pros that are diversifying their portfolio with restaurant brands. [Show Page]
Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan(On air date :08-31-2015)
Meet Jim Sullivan, CEO and Founder of, "the foodservice and retail industry's #1 resource for results-driven training tools and programs." If you haven't read Jim's blog post" 13 Sure-Fire, Guaranteed Ways to Go Out Of Business", you should, it's a must-read for anyone in the industry and he'll be discussing it on the show! Jim has over 20 years on experience in the retail and restaurant industries and he's ready to share his wisdom with Restaurant Brokers and their audience.[Show Page]
Chris Tomasso
Breaking the Fast on Breakfast, industry leaders explore new trends(On air date :08-24-2015)
The Restaurant Brokers are talking to restaurant operators that are breaking eggs and cooking up both omelets and profits! Focusing on breakfast concepts - one of the hottest dayparts today in the restaurant industry. Industry leaders with a pulse on the hottest menu trends, restaurant concepts and recipe ideas - specifically for breakfast should join us for this radio show. Whether it's Mexican in the morning, "wraps" around our favorite breakfast foods or breakfast beverages - lets talk about why the early bird is getting payoff - in the restaurant industry. [Show Page]
Randy Murphy
Thinking Outside the Bento Box, Asian cuisine is on the rise(On air date :08-03-2015)
Todays show is focused on Asian Cuisine. The Restaurant Brokers interview restaurant operators who are serving up flavors that show Americans have moved beyond the basic wok and roll. The 2014 Culinary Forecast from Nation's Restaurant News shows Southeast Asian cuisine gaining in popularity along with out of the bento box thinking Asian inspired breakfast items. We will hear from today's operators about what is making their concept fresh, different and appealing to consumers. What does it take to make an Asian restaurant successful? Who is the Asian cuisine customer? What is trending in Asian Cuisine? Join the Restaurant Brokers this week and find out more![Show Page]
Eddie Russell
Belly up! Talking to Cooking Channel Star Chef Eddie Russell(On air date :06-27-2015)
Meet the Atlanta based star of the new Cooking Channel show Belly Up! Atlanta based chef Eddie Russell is changing the way America experiences bar food. He is enlightening chefs that bar food can be both delicious and sophisticated. He will taste what bars and pubs current serve on their menus and will help them come up with new innovative, enticing foods that will not break the budget. The restaurant brokers will interview Chef Eddie on his techniques along with providing listeners a sneak peak at this new TV show on Cooking Channel[Show Page]
Hattie Hill - CEO
Women in Non-Traditional and Leadership Roles in the Restaurant Industry(On air date :05-16-2015)
We are talking to women leading companies and taking on non-traditional roles in the restaurant industry. Meet Chef Kari Underly, a James Beard Award nominee and Master Butcher. We're also talking to the CEO of the Womens Food Service Forum about their role in mentoring, educating and inspiring women to growth into senior leadership and non-traditional roles. [Show Page]
Jason Callaway
Cheers! Turning Your Restaurant Bar Into a Money Making Machine(On air date :03-21-2015)
A well-run bar can be the most profitable part of a restaurant's business . We are talking to experts in the business - stand out bartender, vendors and more on the topic of alcohol. We cover how to turn seats at the bar into sales and profits. Sophisticated drink specialists share advice for the industry. Join the restaurant brokers to learn the latest trends in cocktails, How to make the most money in your bar and what restaurant owners must do to drive this part of their business.[Show Page]
Megan Roosevelt
YouTube Chefs - The Internet Moguls Of The Food Industry - March 7th, 2015(On air date :03-07-2015)
The restaurant brokers interview YouTube chef sensations, Megan Roosevelt (known as the Healthy Grocery Girl) and Hilah Johnson of Hilah Cooking. Each chef has thousands of followers and the restaurant brokers find out why! Watch as Robin and Eric get brand growing tips from each of the chefs![Show Page]
Chef Brandon Frohne
You Have Been Chopped! Restaurant Brokers Interview Contestants(On air date :02-28-2015)
Chef ...You've Been Chopped! We're talking to Chefs that heard these words or better yet WON their challenge on Chopped! Chefs, foodies and restaurant operators - tune in to hear what's happening behind the scene. What did they really think about that box of crazy ingredients? How did they handle the pressure? Did it change their career track or open up a new opportunity? Tune into the restaurant brokers to hear this and more as we talk to Chopped contestants. [Show Page]
Scott Leysath
Game is On the Menu! Chefs cooking from the Wild. (On air date :01-03-2015)
We are getting wild this week! The restaurant brokers are hunting chefs and experts that work with fish and wild game. We interview Sportsman Channel's Scott Leysath, host of the series The Sporting Chef and Hunt Fish Cook! Join us as we have three guests all working with fresh from the field items. Learn about this trend sweeping the nation as we say "Game On" to fresh caught and prepared cuisine. [Show Page]
Christian Green
Master Chef Contestant joins the Restaurant Brokers(On air date :12-06-2014)
MasterChef: the American reality television competition has been on the air for 6 seasons. The series conducts a nationwide search for the best home cooks in America, the top home cooks will be put through their paces in a series of challenges designed to test their palates, food knowledge, passion and culinary skills. What is it really like on MasterChef? How do the contestants prepare themselves for the challenges? How was life before and after the competition? Join the restaurant brokers as a former contestant from MasterChef serves up the inside scoop.[Show Page]
Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine - Restaurant Impossible(On air date :11-08-2014)
We're speaking with Robert Irvine of the Food Network television series: Restaurant Impossible which renovates a failing restaurant and helps restore it to profitability and prominence. He channels MacGyver and use a lot of muscle to rescue these desperate places from complete collapse. How does one man, in two days, with just $10,000, turn the tide of a failing restaurant and pave the road to a successful future? Join the restaurant brokers along with Robert Irvine as he dishes on what it actually takes to revamp a restaurant. [Show Page]
Richard Mancini
Hells Kitchen Contestants Join the Restaurant Brokers(On air date :10-25-2014)
This week the restaurant brokers, Eric & Robin Gagnon are talking Hells Kitchen. The American reality television competition has been on the air for 13 seasons. What is it really like in the kitchen? Is it as hard as it looks for aspiring winners to get everything right for Chef Ramsey? These former Hells Kitchen contestants reveal the inside scoop on how their national television exposure changed the trajectory of their careers. Is it raw talent or nerves of steel that gets you the finals? Is what we see on TV the reality of the pressure of Hells Kitchen? What's the life of a Hells Kitchen contestant before and after their appearance? Join the restaurant brokers as contestants from two different seasons serve up the inside scoop on Hells Kitchen. [Show Page]
Laurel R Elliott
Inland Seafood & Quality Wine Show(On air date :10-04-2014)
This week, restaurant brokers Eric and Robin are talking to the organizers, the participants, and even just the random foodies who are in love with the Inland Seafood and Quality Wine Show. The event was held on the 15th of September, 2014 and was a showcase of Inland Seafood's Superior Seafood, Meats and Artisan Specialty foods perfectly paired with Quality Wine & Spirits' exquisite portfolio. It was an opportunity for food service professionals to engage with producers, manufacturers and purveyors of the finest foods, wine and spirits in the world![Show Page]
Jerry Couvaras
Restaurant to Retail(On air date :07-26-2014)
Do you have a secret sauce from your restaurant or item that you want to move from your restaurant to grocery store shelves? Are you interested in know how to monetize product through alternate distribution channels? We are talking to guests that have restaurant product in 3,000 stores nationwide in brand names like Costco and Whole Foods. They are sharing their tips for success with listeners. Do not miss it because these CEOs are not holding back! They all agree that while success may not happen quickly, there is, according to at least one of these experts, great demand for brands to be in supermarkets. They all agree it can be harder than you think to move your restaurant offerings onto restaurant shelves since as one guest puts it, you will not get into Costco overnight. [Show Page]
Naomi Green
Food with a Heart (On air date :06-21-2014)
What happens when a chef breaks an arm or a server faces an unexpected crisis? Learn how The Giving Kitchen steps in. This weeks radio show is focusing on this incredible industry with a big heart. Listen as the restaurant brokers share how The Giving Kitchen helps those in the restaurant business that are facing unanticipated hardships. Discover how one man sparked a charity that now serves an entire market and is a model for the nation. The restaurant brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon host Naomi Green and Jennifer Hidinger in a heartfelt show about giving back. [Show Page]
Stratton Leopold
Hot Summer Days, Cool Summer Treats(On air date :06-14-2014)
The hot summer days leave everyone searching for todays treats. Is it yogurt or ice cream that satisfies a sweet tooth on a hot day? The United States is the top ice cream consuming country in the world and the history of this cold treat dates back to the second century B.C. Yogurt is a relative newcomer gaining market share and creating new customers. We are interviewing stars in the industry on the coolest thing for summer days.[Show Page]
Phil Romano
Restaurant Incubator Program, How does it work?(On air date :06-07-2014)
The Restaurant Brokers are joined this week by Phil Romano, creator of six national restaurant concepts - Fuddruckers, Romanos Macaroni Grill, Spageddies, Cozymels, Rudys Country Store and eatZis that generated more than $20 billion in revenue. He'is at it again with his latest project Trinity Groves! Listen as Romano talks about his restaurant Incubator concept. You'll learn... How landing a spot at Trinity Grove resembles a Shark Tank audition. Why he says "If I didn't do things people told me not to do, I wouldn't be where I am today." How his start up concepts at Trinity Grove are starting out with NO debt service and are generating $2.0 Million in Sales in 2500 square feet in the first year The incubator concept is paying off for the industry, start- ups looking for an opportunity as well as the community. He and his investors have launched the Restaurant Concept Incubator Program. They find and fund the next big thing.[Show Page]
G. Garvin
Humble Beginnings and the Climb to Stardom with G Garvin(On air date :05-31-2014)
The Restaurant Brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon, are joined on their weekly radio show by G. Garvin, celebrity chef and host of the hit show on the Cooking Channel, On The Road with G. Garvin. G. Garvin talks with the restaurant brokers of We Sell Restaurants about his humble beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia and his climb to stardom in the restaurant business. He shares his tips for success with those in the business including how he is using his celebrity status to help todays youth. What is new this season for One the Road with G. Garvin? What cities will he be stopping in? What does it take to make it in the restaurant business? What advice would the celebrity chef give to a young chef? Listen for the answers to this and more on this weeks show.[Show Page]
Mike Pruitt
CEO Spotlight: Mike Pruitt and Matt Debusk(On air date :05-24-2014)
What is the recipe for a great Restaurant CEO? What does it take to have the vision to lead companies in the service business and help them to grow and become stronger? What are some of the most important things you can do as a restaurant leader? Meet famed leader Mike Pruitt of Chanticleer Holdings, LLC (Hooters) and Matt Debusk - named by QSR Magazine as one of only 11 leaders "Poised to become the next generation of influential quick-service and fast-casual leaders." [Show Page]
Samie Didda
Wine and ...not Dine? The Restaurant Brokers explore Wine Bars(On air date :05-03-2014)
Wild about wine? You are not the only one. The food and beverage business is honing in on Americas passion for the product. Wine bars are hot concepts that continue to grow. Whats the difference between a wine bar and traditional wine service in a restaurant? Who is the wine bar customer? How does their palate differ from the traditional restaurant client? Listen in as the restaurant brokers interview some of the leaders in the wine industry on this weeks show. [Show Page]
Jenifer Duggan - Director of Culinary and Hospitality Services
NRA - Operator Innovations Awards 2014(On air date :04-12-2014)
In the ever changing restaurant business, operators are working daily to innovate by using their imaginations and hard work to develop new ways of doing business. The National Restaurant Association honors these individuals the Operator Innovations Awards. Fellow food service operators recognize and celebrate their peers which are chosen by a team of independent operator experts from across the country. This week's show features some of these game changers in the industry being honored at this year's National Restaurant Association Show. [Show Page]
Jesse Tron
Leasing a Restaurant Space - Market Update(On air date :04-05-2014)
What's the condition of the restaurant real estate market for those interested in leasing a restaurant? Are rental rates up or down? What can you expect if you're int he market to lease a restaurant when it comes to negotiating power? What do landlords want or demand of operators before considering them as a tenant? Join the restaurant brokers and our industry experts as we look at the Current Restaurant Leasing Marketplace.[Show Page]
Kerry Vincent
New Food Network Show - Save My Bakery(On air date :03-22-2014)
Stale bakeries turn to expert Kerry Vincent to revive their sweets and their sales in new series Save My Bakery which premiered on Wednesday, March 19th at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network. Armed with years of baking experience and a no nonsense approach, Kerry is on a mission to reinvigorate local bakeries, putting them back on their neighborhood radar. In hopes of also mending the strained relationships behind the struggling establishments, Kerry helps families heal and put the pieces of their failing business back together. From bolstering old doughnut recipes to improving employee morale, Kerry turns poor pastries into delectable desserts and outdated spaces into truly sweet spots. For generations bakeries were the backbone of communities across America. Save My Bakery takes on the challenge of rescuing these businesses and the families behind them said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. Kerry Vincents deep expertise combined with her take charge manner is just what these families need to get back on their feet.[Show Page]
Ken Colburn
International Franchise Association(On air date :03-15-2014)
Join the restaurant brokers as they talk with movers and shakers on the floor of the International Franchise Association's national convention from New Orleans. What do these guests say is critical to restaurant franchise success? How do you grow to 27 units like one of our guests? What does the Telephone Doctor say restaurants are lacking in when it comes to customer service? Join us for this and more as we Satisfy your Appetite for Acquisition, Feed the Need for Restaurant Success and Serve up Restaurant Reality.[Show Page]
Alex Hinojoso
The Importance of PR(On air date :03-08-2014)
What Is the role of Public Relations for todays restaurateurs? How do you find the right branding firm who can handle everything from design to communications? How has the traditional role of PR changed in the new digital world where customers go viral with comments and video live from their table in your restaurant? The restaurant brokers are interviewing the top firms on this topic along with restaurant owners with their stories on the importance of public relations for todays operator.[Show Page]
Alton Brown
Restaurant Brokers Interview Mega Food Network Star Alton Brown(On air date :02-15-2014)
The Restaurant Brokers talk to Food Network Mega Star Alton Brown. Topics include his one-man show on all things culinary, the greatest risk he has personally taken in the business and the mentoring he provides to those up and coming in the onscreen food world including his observations as a mentor on the Next Food Network Star. Patricia Katopes, a newcomer to the culinary show business and Season 6 winner of Cupcake Wars shares her experiences on the national network screen.[Show Page]
Keith Simpson
Food Network Show Says Buy This Restaurant!(On air date :02-08-2014)
The Restaurant Brokers talk to Keith Simpson, host of the new Food Network reality series Buy This Restaurant. The new show follows aspiring restaurant owners as they take their first steps towards achieving their dream. Owning a restaurant is the new American dream and we wanted to capture the exciting, yet crucial first steps of launching that dream into reality, said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. Host Keith Simpson helps restaurant buyers search for the ideal space to launch their new business. As a three time restaurant owner and restaurant broker, Simpson gives insight into both the real estate and business sides of the restaurant industry. Simspson also shares some of his personal experiences which include a stint graciously catering to the British Royal Family and his best advice to first time restaurant buyers.[Show Page]
Steve Jackson
Pizza Pizza(On air date :02-01-2014)
Everywhere you turn it's Pizza, Pizza and more Pizza. What is it about this segment that continues to fuel growth? Join the restaurant brokers as they bring in heavy hitters in the industry to discuss the pizza segment. Is there any end in sight? What are the freshest concepts on the market and how is that changing? How does an independent operator compete with franchisors? How important is the pricing model? [Show Page]
Peter Romeo
2014 Trends and Ripples in the Restaurant Industry(On air date :01-25-2014)
What are the hottest trends for restaurants in 2014? Join the restaurant brokers as they interview one of the top experts in the country on what he sees as big trends and ripples in the industry you should be aware of. Will the restaurant customer of 2014 be any different? What types of restaurants are teetering on the edge of a cliff? You'll learn this and more as you join the Restaurant Brokers for this week's show.[Show Page]
Ken Eisenband
The Restaurants for Sale Marketplace(On air date :01-18-2014)
The Restaurant Brokers answer the question you might be asking. Why are restaurant sales booming? What are the differences across the country? Is there seasonality within the marketplace? Restaurant brokers from around the country explore the different markets, examine the most popular concepts, and tell you what factors are driving the growth in restaurant turnover. Is the market reacting the same way in Colorado versus Florida? The answer is no and we'll share why.[Show Page]
Franck Sickelsmith
Airport Restaurants - Getting into the Lucrative Airline Terminal Marketplace(On air date :01-11-2014)
Join Restaurant Brokers Eric & Robin Gagnon as they dive into the airline restaurant operations world. How do you win one of these lucrative contracts? Are they really as high volume as they appear (Yes!). What's the inside scoop on winning a space, operations, design, menu development and more when you want to be flying high with your restaurant concept? [Show Page]
Trew Quackenbush and Corey Ward
The Best of 2013 - Hot Concepts in the Restaurant Industry(On air date :12-28-2013)
Award winning industry leaders will discuss what makes a concept hot, and how to grow your own concept. Experts will talk about how to keep a concept hot and relevant in the future. Listeners will gain more knowledge on how they can develop or expand their own concept into a hot concept. [Show Page]
Stephen J. Caldeira
The Best of 2013 - Where Restaurant Owners Associate(On air date :12-21-2013)
Restaurant Brokers wish you a Happy Holiday season. The Best of 2013 segment features Steve Caldeira, President and CEO of the IFA and David McDougall, President and CEO of Backyard Burgers, Inc. as they discuss franchise associations on the air. Networking, training and resources offered to restaurants to assist in their growth and success will be featured. [Show Page]
Grady Thrasher
Expert Legal Advice for Buying a Restaurant(On air date :12-07-2013)
What are the legal implications of buying a restaurant? Join this hour of expert advice from attorneys that deal with restaurant transactions. When do you hire an attorney in the transaction and why? What type of ownership structure should you use to shelter your liability in a transaction? Tune in and learn all about the legal aspects of buying a restaurant with the restaurant brokers along with expert lawyers.[Show Page]
Chef Abraham Salum
Are Celebrity Chefs Changing the Restaurant Scene?(On air date :11-30-2013)
Want to learn the ins and out of appearing on a network chef competition show? Are you seeking national acclaim for your style of cooking? Well, we want you to tell us why. How is the celebrity chef status changing the restaurant industry? Does 15 minutes of fame really impact your restaurant?[Show Page]
Kay Ainsley
Can I Franchise My Restaurant? (On air date :11-23-2013)
Are you thinking about franchising your company? Can you? Do you know what a FDD is or a Franchise manual? What are some of the legal aspects of franchising your company? How mature does your company need to be before expanding domestically? The restaurant brokers along with industry experts answer these questions and more in this episode of Can I Franchise My Restaurant. [Show Page]
Thomas DeGeest
Food Truck Phenomenon (On air date :11-16-2013)
What is the deal with food trucks? Are they replacing the standard brick and mortar restaurant? Or are they simply a fun, easier way to get into the restaurant industry? Find out why operating a food truck is not as easy as it seems and why you may want to have at least 100k in capital before investing in a food truck. [Show Page]
Andy Wiederhorn
International Expansion: Are you ready?(On air date :11-09-2013)
Are you looking to franchise your company overseas? How do you know when you are ready? What are the challenges of international expansion versus domestic expansion and where can you get help? This week, the restaurant brokers along with CEO of Buffalo's Cafe and CEO of YoBlendz and JuiceBlendz tackle international franchising. [Show Page]
Shon Christy
Restaurants and Social Media(On air date :11-02-2013)
Social media is a tool not only used to socialize with friends and loved ones but is also a key marketing strategy. In this day in age, it is important for restaurant operators to be aware of their online presence which is why this episode we are talking restaurants and social media. The restaurant brokers along with industry experts discuss successful marketing strategies used to reach various demographics, how operators can measure their success and even explore other marketing strategies outside the realm of social media such as email marketing. [Show Page]
Dale DeSena
Taste of Atlanta-Preview(On air date :10-26-2013)
What is the premier food festival in Atlanta? It is Taste of Atlanta of course! Where else can attendees taste hundreds of food and beverages from over 90 Atlanta based chefs? The restaurant brokers along with the Founder of Taste of Atlanta, Dale DeSena and featured Head Chef, Terry Koval discuss all the ins and outs of the Festival. Listeners learn how the Festival is a great place to eat and greet with some of the tops chefs Atlanta. [Show Page]
Paul Mangiamele
Restaurant Regulation Nation(On air date :10-19-2013)
Are you a restaurant operator struggling under the burden of excessive regulations? Well, this show is for you! Restaurant brokers along with industry experts discuss the topic of Regulation Nation on the air this week. We are talking about everything from the costs to comply with new rules to the processes and techniques that are required for health inspections and even provide you with tips on how to streamline demands as a restaurant operator. [Show Page]
Emily Ellyn
Florida Restaurant Show(On air date :10-12-2013)
Restaurant Brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon interview the experts at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. Food Network Star, Emily Ellen shares her Atlanta connections and how that landed her on Food Network. Don Cox, CEO of Firehouse of America tells restaurant owners what they need to know about the Affordable Health Care Act. Technomic Managing Consultant, Mathew Mandeltort shares his insight and much more! [Show Page]
Paul Barron
Food Technology(On air date :09-28-2013)
The restaurant brokers along with Founder of Digital Coco and Editor of Foodable Network discuss food technology. Learn the point where high tech meets personal service, the latest devices to assist the food service operator, the latest mobile, web or other technologies that a restaurant owner needs to be aware of and the five most mobile connected casual restaurant concepts and why? The panel will address the impact social media has had on the restaurant industry and what operators should know to stay ahead of this fast paced digital technology era. [Show Page]
Rick Smilow
Culinary Schools as a Career(On air date :09-21-2013)
Ready to enter the restaurant industry? Listen as our panel weighs in on the job market, opportunities and real world examples if you're in the hunt for a career in the business. A restaurant recruiter and Culinary School leader join the restaurant brokers as we discuss careers and training in the hospitality industry. Think you're ready to hit the kitchen and then land on Food Network? Listen as we tackle these topics and more. [Show Page]
Bret Thorn
Bar and Restaurant Beverage Programs (On air date :08-31-2013)
Industry experts discuss new trends in the alcohol industry as it relates to restaurants and bars. Join the restaurant brokers on the air with the Senior Food Editor of Nation's Restaurant News, Bret Thorn and CEO of Bevintel, Dan Smith. We're talking about beverage trends including: 1)What are the most common mistakes for developing a beverage program? 2)What are today's hottest trends in cocktails (hint - flavored vodka is on the list!) 3)What should operators know to execute a quality beverage program? 4)Are "virgin" drinks a viable concept for a restaurant owners menu? [Show Page]
Bob Wagner
Q3 Restaurant Market Update & Forecast(On air date :08-24-2013)
The Editor of Franchise Times and Leading Restaurant CPA provide their input on the state of the Restaurant economy. The experts look back at the first half of 2013 performance and give their thoughts on performance by segment for the restaurant business. [Show Page]
Michele Stumpe
Alcohol Licenses & Restaurants(On air date :08-17-2013)
Restaurant brokers along with industry guests discuss alcohol licenses and restaurants on the We Sell Restaurants Radio Show. Joined by hosts, Robin and Eric Gagnon is a panel of distinguished guests. Michele Stumpe is a seasoned litigator for Taylor, English, Duma, LLP and Grace Yang is a member of the Alcohol and Beverage Group for GrayRobinson, P.A. The panel will discuss the process in obtaining a liquor license and the ongoing programs set in place to minimize liabilities as a restaurant owner. The guests will explain the laws that govern alcohol sales and the day to day operations an operator must adhere to, to maintain their liquor license. The panel will explain why the alcohol laws vary depending on jurisdiction and list the toughest and easiest states to obtain a liquor license. Industry expert, Michele Stumpe also shares the three prong approach to mitigate the risks of an operator. In the last segment of the show, Restaurant Reality, restaurant brokers, Robin and Eric Gagnon discuss the ugly truth about failure to comply with alcohol regulations, internal alcohol theft, and revocation of a liquor license. In the United States, alcohol generates 90 billion in sales each year. On average, 75 percent of typical restaurant revenue is in alcohol sales making alcohol a crucial factor in the success of a restaurant. However, the strict alcohol laws set in place can increase the business liability and failure to comply with these laws can result in license revocation. Those restaurants with higher alcohol ratios will ultimately outperform those without, with a huge caveat, as long as controls are in place, said restaurant broker, Robin Gagnon. [Show Page]
Karen Spencer
Buying a Restaurant Franchise(On air date :08-10-2013)
Three industry experts explore the pros and cons of buying a restaurant franchise. They will address the burning questions in every buyer’s mind. Why buy a franchise versus an independent? Should you launch a new location or buy an existing franchise? What about franchising your own idea – what does it take to begin selling franchises? Join We Sell Restaurants as we explore the topic of buying a restaurant franchise.[Show Page]
Financing a Restaurant and Sources of Funding(On air date :08-03-2013)
Three industry experts tackle funding sources for buying a restaurant including traditional methods like SBA lending, 401K conversions and the newest platform "Crowd Funding." What is the cost of each form of financing? What is the timing for approval? What are the pros and cons of each? The Restaurant Brokers address funding in their Restaurant Reality Segment. What are some examples of inexpensive ways to enter the business? What types of restaurants are available with financing? [Show Page]