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​Restaurant Brokers Interview Restaurant Startup Star Antonia Lofaso

  • Restaurant Brokers Interview Restaurant Startup Star Antonia Lofaso!
  • Restaurant Startup and Chef Antonia Lofaso
  • Restaurant Reality: Restaurant Startup!

The restaurant brokers are interviewing one of Americas most loved Chefs - Chef Antonia Lofaso. Known for the star power she brought to Top Chef Season 4, she is now on CNBCs Restaurant Startup with Joe Bastianich and Tim Love where they are on a quest to discover, develop and invest in Americas next generation of culinary superstars. Chef Antonia is the culinary consultant to the two restaurant moguls who vie against each other to invest in concepts they thing can make big profits. Join the Restaurant Brokers as we interview Chef Antonia Lofaso.

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Chef Antonia Lofaso
Chef Antonia Lofaso
Antonia Lofaso joins Joe Bastianich and Tim Love in the second season of CNBCs Restaurant Startup premiering January 13, 2015.
Best known for her role on Top Chef Season 4, Chef Antonia Lofaso is one of Americas most loved chefs and most recently Lofaso has gone from television personality to business owner and is currently executive chef and owner of Black Market in Studio City, California and Scopa Italian Roots in Venice, California. 

With a lifelong passion for cooking, Lofaso chased her dreams and has managed to balance her busy career with being a single parent. She shares her secrets and tips in her book The Busy Moms Cookbook re-released in paperback.
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