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Franck Sickelsmith
Franck Sickelsmith
Frank is the Vice President of Adult Beverage and Restaurant Development at HMSHost Corporation, the leading provider of food, beverage and retail concession in over 200 travel and entertainment venues in nine countries spanning the globe. With $2.5 billion in sales, the company has over 26,000 employees. In this role, Mr. Sickelsmith is responsible for the development and ongoing support of HMSHost proprietary and chef driven restaurants and bars, including leading direction on menu and adult beverage products and standards. He also held operation leadership positions including General Manager of Miami International Airport, Assistant General Manager of LAZ International Airport. Mr. Sickelsmith was also a franchisee of the Chili's brand in Australia and has owned and operated his own small restaurant business.
  • 786 402 0169 Phone
  • Frank.Sickelsmith@hmshost.com Email
  • www.hmshost.com Website
  • VP, Adult Beverage and Restaurant Development VP, Adult Beverage and Restaurant Development
Carl F. Schaffer
Carl F. Schaffer
Carl Schaffer brings more than three decades of professional experience to the table in retail, food and beverage and airport venue design. As a partner that oversees the day-to-day operation of firm and projects at Ideation Design Group, the firm he founded with Jennifer Reynolds in 2004. Schaffer began his career in Phoenix, Ariz. at Architecture and Design Ltd. where he became a partner at the age of 24 and spent the next 20 years designing and managing restaurant and retail projects for airports and other venues around the world. Selling the company in 1999, Schaffer temporarily retired in 2001, before joining forces with Reynolds and launching Ideation Design Group. Among the 200 projects IDG is currently involved in, Schaffer is consulting a master plan for airport eateries and retail in Latin America. Schaffer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology. He is also a member of American Institute of Architects and Retail Design International.
  • 602 792 7181 Phone
  • cschaffer@ideationdg.com Email
  • www.ideationdg.com Website
  • Principal - AIA  Ideation Principal - AIA Ideation