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Wine and ...not Dine? The Restaurant Brokers explore Wine Bars

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Listen in as the restaurant brokers interview some of the leaders in the wine industry on this weeks show. Whats the difference between a wine bar and traditional wine service in a restaurant? Who is the wine bar customer? How does their palate differ fr

Industry Guests Join the Restaurant Brokers

Samie Didda
Samie Didda
Samie Didda grew up in Paris, in Montmatre District. At age 19, he opened his first business a bakerie called Les Petit Mitrons which is now run by his brother. In 2000, he decided to take a break and travel around world. While travelling he met his wife and settled in San Francisco in California; shortly after in 2003, he began his career as a restaurateur at Chouchou a French Bistro in Forest Hill where he met his longtime friend and future associate, Germain Michel. At Chouchou Samie and Germian learned valuable knowledge of the restaurant industry and imagined a new concept of modern wine bar. In 2006, the duo opened Amelie wine bar in San Francisco. Located in Nob Hill, Amelie is a beautiful representation of Samie and Germains creativity and passion for wine. With its dramatic wall of lushly lit wine bottles and soaring wooden wine shelves, Amelie fuses the cool American urban with chic Parisian modern, emerging as an irresistible blend of international hip. Never shying away from a new challenge, Samie and Germain decided to open a second Amelie in Manhattan New York in 2012. They successfully transposed Amelies essence to Manhattan that quickly became a West Village sensation. In April 2014, Samie, Germain and their new associate Jean-Michel Fabregeon - a French interior designer, opened another location called Michel. Michel is a new concept of provincial French bistro and pastis lounge. The new venue is located on lakeshore Avenue in Oakland California and blends Amelie elements with a distinctive contemporary design while embodying the spirit of an authentic French bistro.
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Shannon Wiley
Shannon Wiley
Shannon was born in Stuttgart Arkansas and grew up in the South. His love of flying led him to a career in the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve and also employment at Delta Airlines. Nora was born in Honolulu Hawaii. Her dads career in the military led her to Missouri, where she joined the Air Force Reserve to get through college. There she also met Shannon. They fell in love and married. Their Air Force Reserve jobs and family ties kept them in the Kansas City area. There Nora sold real estate and attended law school while Shannon worked locally in the reserves and commuted to Atlanta for his job at Delta Airlines. Finally, with Shannon having retired from the Air Force Reserve and the kids off to college, they decided to move to Atlanta. They settled in Castleberry Hill, a Historic Landmark District located in downtown Atlanta. Shannon was still working for Delta Airlines flying to Europe but Nora had not resumed her law or real estate career. She decided they needed to something else. Shannon had always wanted to own a bar and their shared love of travel, good food and wine got them to thinking about re-creating in Castleberry Hill something similar to the small Tapas bars they had seen in Spain. They started researching and through trial and error, and a significant amount of regulatory hoops, they found that they could only open a Wine Specialty Shop. So they did. It is named WineShoe.
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