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Restaurant Brokers Discuss Restaurant Products on Grocery Shelves

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We are talking to guests that have restaurant product in 3,000 stores nationwide in brand names like Costco and Whole Foods.They are sharing their tips for success with listeners. Do not miss it because these CEOs are not holding back! They all agree tha

Industry Guests Join the Restaurant Brokers

Jerry Couvaras
Jerry Couvaras
It takes a strategic person to accumulate tools that he knows may only serve a distant goal. It takes a visionary to look to a far-reaching future confident of an outcome that exists only in his mind. And it takes a true leader to do today what he knows will be of most value to the greatest number of people tomorrow.
Jerry Couvaras is that strategist, that visionary, and that leader.
He applies the same principles for achievement in both his business endeavors and in his active support of the causes he holds dear. To his clients, this means they can trust that he has a clear sightline to the outcome that will best meet their needs, delivering exactly what they want while bringing new ideas to the market for the need they haven’t yet identified.
To his charitable causes, he exemplifies action. He graciously serves as a Trustee of Woodruff Arts Center, and sits on the Boards of Directors with The Hirsch Academy, FOCUS (Families of Children Under Stress), and Concorde Fire Soccer Club.
Jerrys early career success in South Africa saw him thrive in investment banking, where he gained invaluable internal exposure in a wealth of industries. This afforded him limitless opportunities once here in the US. Upon making Atlanta his home some twenty years ago, he saw a sandwich chain as a smart early investment not for what it was, but for what it could be, and he soon capitalized on the companys expansion potential to set new standards in the market. Recognition for such initiatives came rapidly. In 2003, he was a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Southeast Businessman of the Year. Today, Bake One and Atlanta Bread develop and supply new product innovation for some of the largest global customers based here in the US, while exporting to fifteen countries worldwide. Jerry continues to stand as a model of success. He has been featured in high-profile business publications, including Donald Trumps The Way to The Top, and has been a guest speaker at recognized establishments.
Among the life achievements he is most proud of are his devotion to his wife Helen and their four children; Alexandra, Anastasia, Steve, and Dino. In his downtime, Jerry enjoys soccer, tennis, skiing, and spending quality time with his family.
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Tanner Agar
Tanner Agar
Tanner Agar worked as a chef and server in fine dining in Canada, the US, and Spain. While a student at TCU he started The Chef Shelf to help chefs and restaurants package their award winning recipes and connect customers to the flavors they love through products, videos, and recipes. Tanner also hosts a 15 second cooking show on Instagram. 
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Steve DiFillippo
Steve DiFillippo
After 25 years I feel that I am just getting started. says Davios CEO, Steve DiFillippo. At the age of 24, Steve purchased an established restaurant called Davios in Bostons Back Bay. And this was the first in a succession of popular restaurants. Steve is involved in the community, serving on several non-profit boards. In 2008, he was inducted into the Massachusetts Restaurant Hall of Fame. Steve runs 4–5 miles a day, so I can wrongfully delude myself that I can eat anything I want, he says.
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