Bob Steinberger

Bob Steinberger

Certified Restaurant Broker

Bob has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Recently he owned and operated a hospitality consulting business; Promacon Hospitality Consultants that did financial, operations, and site selection consulting for clients throughout Colorado and other states.
Prior to that business he was the sole owner and operator of a Ruby Tuesday Franchise, owned 14 restaurants in all parts of Colorado, and did over $24 Million in sales annually. In the ten years he owned the company he opened new locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Cripple Creek. Bob also did the real estate, lease negotiations, site selection, and financing of all the new projects.
He has a well-developed knowledge of Colorado restaurant markets and real estate. Bob worked as both a buyer and a seller on numerous restaurant deals. He was Chief Operating Officer and minority owner of the Ruby Tuesday, South Florida Franchise for seven years. While doing all this he managed to open seven new locations in South Florida as well as overseeing the 8-9 existing ones!
Bob worked for Ruby Tuesday Inc. as Area Director and Director of Operations for 15 years. He was named Director of the Year in 1994 and 1995 and was also involved in well over 70 new restaurant openings. He also worked closely with the Ruby Tuesday Inc. VP in real estate and site selection for these new locations.
He spent considerable time establishing new markets in Memphis, Michigan, and South Florida before coming to Colorado in 2001.
Bob has received instruction and testing leading to his designation as a Certified Restaurant Broker, one of a select few in the nation.

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