Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Certified Restaurant Broker

Chris Gordon has over two decades of experience in the restaurant industry and has proven himself to be an adept leader and skilled businessman.

Chris entered the restaurant industry as a dishwasher when he was 15 years old and worked his way up through the ranks to managing a multimillion-dollar restaurant when he was just 19.  He has been a busser, host, expo, cook, server, bar back, bartender, banquet captain, corporate trainer and everything else in between.  He has been a General Manager for multiple operators as well as an Owner himself of a small fleet of food trucks.

“Becoming a Certified Restaurant Broker with We Sell Restaurants has brought me full circle.  Now, I am able to use my years of experience in the restaurant industry to guide new buyers through the process of owning their dream restaurant and what to expect.  As for being a former owner myself, it helps me understand the many different reasons a Seller may want to sell their business, and I am here to help them with their side of the process as well.”

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