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Eli Renn

Eli Renn

Certified Restaurant Broker

Eli Renn is a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry, bringing a background as an accomplished chef and intimate knowledge of its inner workings. With real connections, culinary expertise, and industry resources, he offers a keen eye for strategic business opportunities, providing a competitive edge for success. Drawing on years of kitchen experience, Eli applies his culinary insight to assist aspiring restaurateurs in finding the perfect venues.
Eli's approach extends beyond locating suitable locations; he acts as a strategic partner, providing invaluable insights into market trends, demographics, and restaurant operations nuances. His experience in navigating complex negotiations for leasing or purchasing restaurant will sets him apart as the go-to expert for those establishing or expanding culinary enterprises.
Known for unwavering dedication and personalized service, Eli guides clients through every process step, from identifying prime locations to negotiating favorable terms. Whether it's a trendy urban eatery, a cozy neighborhood café, or a high-end dining establishment, Eli’s expertise spans the diverse culinary landscape.

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