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$197,000 in Earnings on this Multi-Unit Dessert Concept Franchise for Sale

Owner Earnings of $197,000 on $1 Million in Sales!  Own two profitable Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale in Cincinnati and make money while doing so! With this two-store package, you will receive both these profitable locations in the Cincinnati market for less than what it would cost to start one.  Just 20% down payment and qualified buyers are able to secure SBA lending on these opportunities with ease.  Brand allows for Absentee Ownership!
These open and operating Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale are proof that you don't need to break the bank for a startup.  For less than what most new franchises costs, we offer these powerful giants of industry-TWO profitable locations who know how make money grow like weeds!
Need lending? We've got your back! With over 20 years in this game called "selling restaurants," We Sell Restaurants has built relationships and partnerships across multiple lenders so if there's an option out there then our resources can get you approved on these Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale quickly.

Both locations are situated in high traffic settings in busy shopping areas.  Surrounded by other name brand retailers and eating establishments, these profitable Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale already have a proven track record and been established for over a decade.  Comparable rent of $5771.63 and $6139.75 at both locations. 

By purchasing these Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale, you get a turn-key package of two fully equipped locations. Everything that is needed for continued success and growth are in place from the beginning for you! In addition, there will be training given by the franchise brand so you are ready to take over these stores and feel confident operating them.  A total of 25 fully trained and knowledgeable staff are in place at both stores and will help keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly.    
 With a package of two Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale, you can position yourself in the emerging market and grow your portfolio from there.  One of the best things about these simple to run concepts - Absentee Ownership!  Few franchise brands will allow for absentee ownership, but this powerhouse brand will allow it!  
You will enjoy an excellent location with plenty of foot traffic, as well as high demand for goods or services! For more information on these Dessert Concept Franchises for Sale, please click to Acknowledge Confidentiality - Proof of Funds in the amount of 20% will be required prior to disclosing the address or financials. 

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  • Listing#: 9548
  • Price: $599000
  • Location: Cincinnati | Liberty Township

Lease Term: 01/31/2029

Monthly Rent: $5771.63,6139.75,

Indoor Seating: 0

Inside Sq. Ft: 405,965,

Hood System: No

Hours Open: 10-9 m-sa, 12-6 sun

# of Part-Time Employees: 10 | 13

# of Full-Time Employees: 1 | 1

Net Sales: $1099517.26

Owner Benefit: $197569.63


  • Become an instant multi-unit owner
  • Great locations in the Cincinnati Market
  • Money Making stores earning High Six-Figure Earnings
  • Simple to Run Concept
  • 25 trained and knowledgable staff in place
  • Brand Allows absentee ownership
  • Franchises for Sale
$197,000 in Earnings on this Multi-Unit Dessert Concept Franchise for Sale




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