Food Truck for Sale! Bring Your Own Concept!

Custom Food Truck For Sale! Includes a travel trailer for highway transportation!  Ready for optimal exposure of your brand. Attend festivals & service stadiums.  

This is a one of a kind stage coach-style food truck for sale that is constructed of only the finest materials including Italian leather, a durable steel frame, fire-retardant wood, stainless steel walls and ceilings, aluminum plated flooring, and two-inch insulated steel wool body panels.  There is no limit to the ideas for using this to expand your restaurant business.  Attend festivals for unmatched margins and easy return.  Add to an existing restaurant sales by featuring this at sporting events or anywhere people gather. 

This amazing food truck for sale from the Restaurant Brokers can be used for any number of concepts and/or equipment components. It is not currently equipped with any specific cooking equipment. The builder wanted to allow a new owner to outfit the space with only the exact equipment they will need to do business. There is ample space for a refrigerated sandwich board, reach-in cooler or freezer, flat-top range, gas stove or deep-fat fryers to name just a few examples!

You won’t have to worry about cramped quarters in this food truck for sale! The exterior dimensions are 18.5’x9’x7’ (length/height/width), and the interior dimensions are 12'x6'8"x7' (length/height/width). Whether your concept is breakfast (think breakfast burrito food truck to cater to morning commuters!), lunch/dinner, or specialty food intensive, this is the perfect outlet to draw customer's attention and increase product sales! Who wouldn't be drawn to a stage coach that looks like it's straight out of the Wild West? Curiosity killed the cat and this mobile food truck for sale will allow you to kill your sales volume!  

This is a one of a kind food truck for sale, and the manufacturer can build to suit any of your needs with only a three to four month turnaround!  Whether it be a different dimensions for the food truck for sale, specific interior set-ups, or the use of more cost-effective materials, the manufacturer can build your mobile business to suit your exact needs and specifications for as little as $30,000! 

Please contact your Certified Restaurant Broker, John Kesterson, for more details at 720.473.3726 or

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  • Listing#: 5687
  • Price: $54,990
  • Location: Centennial
Lease Term: N/A
Monthly Rent: $
Inside Sq. Ft: N/A
Hood System: Yes
Neighboring Businesses: N/A
Hours Open: Make Your Own
# of Part-Time Employees: n/a
# of Full-Time Employees: n/a


  • Great Quality Hand-built with high-end materials
  • Food Trailer Total dimensions 18'X9'X7' (length/height/width)
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Travel trailer for highway use included
  • Fire-retardant materials
  • Stainless steel walls/ceilings, aluminum plated flooring
  • Fully insulated with 2 inch steel wool throughout
  • Exhaust hood, air conditioned
  • Food Truck for Sale

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