Three Franchises for Sale in Knoxville, TN - $1 Million in Sales

Three Sandwich Franchises for Sale producing combined sales of over $1 million.  Knoxville, Tennessee locations are home to hungry college students and plenty of them!  All three units are in Superior Locations excellent rental rates.  One unit is RIGHT Next to the University! 

Don't delay on getting three stores, recently remodeled and ready to go.  Total sales volume of more than a million and rock bottom pricing on a store group with reasonable royalties and good branding.  Great locations have long term leases at very favorable lease rates.  One is $3700 per month, the second is $3315 per month and the third is $2700 per month. Seller is retiring and We Sell Restaurants sees strong potential with these units.   Become an instant Multi-unit owner.  The largest store is earning around $60,000 on the books and the other two are break even but the retiring owner will fully admit she has not been heavily involved for many years.  

These sandwich franchises for sale are surrounded by multiple universities and state schools, including the almighty the  University of Tennessee! With sandwiches being at the top of the go-to foods for college students, you are in a prime spot being right down the road. With all the tourism from sporting events, Parent’s Weekend, etc – you are sure to benefit from all that Tennessee Orange Pride! 

The universal adage “Location, Location, Location” rings true when it comes to these  three sandwich franchises for sale. The three locations are all in first-rate locations just off two of the major interstates in the area. One interstate experiences a staggering traffic count of over 170,000 cars on a daily basis! With the right advertising, that is 170,000 potential customers on a daily basis. That's not evening considering the surrounding infrastructure! Between the three sandwich franchises for sale, there are offices, major hospitals, numerous off-exit hotels, motels, urgent care facilities, car dealerships, densely populated neighborhoods and SO much more. 
Between the three sandwich franchises for sale, there are over TWENTY K-12 schools within an 8-mile radius of each store. This is a huge untapped marketing opportunity, as schools provide an excellent opportunity! By implementing a weekly or biweekly catered lunch program with the school district for just 1/3 of those schools, you could double your earnings! With 3rd party delivery services available, the hospital down the road, the several hotels and motels and businesses nearby could be another large untapped marketing opportunity for you with these Sandwich franchises for sale.

These sandwich franchises for sale boast 1475, 2000, and 2000 square foot build-outs that are utilized to their maximum efficiencies. These stores are very simple to operate and perfect for just about anyone - from the restaurant novice to the veteran. The monthly lease rates are only $3700, $3315, and  $2700 - The leases each feature their own lease expiration dates and renewal options.  

The benefit of owning these three sandwich franchises for sale is that you are backed by a national brand and have initial and ongoing support. Meaning, you can go into business for yourself without the overwhelming sensation of being by yourself The franchise transfer fee, which covers your 4 weeks of intensive training to get you familiar with the brand and its operation, is only $7,500.

You receive use of the instantly recognized trademark, trade secrets and methodology along with award-winning recipes designed by top chefs, there is a 6% of sales royalty fee. For the promotional materials designated to promote the brand, both nationally and locally, there is also a 2% marketing fee assessed, respectively.

This is a small price to pay when you consider the alternative; Staring at an empty building, waiting on build-outs and permits. Your time IS money, and no one knows that better than We Sell Restaurants! You can either start from the bottom with nothing or from the top, with not one but THREE open and operating sandwich franchises for sale! Call us today before this opportunity disappears!

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  • Listing#: 6894
  • Price: $250000
  • Location: Knoxville
Lease Term: Varies
Monthly Rent: $3700,3315.06,2700,
Indoor Seating: 28, 54, 67
Inside Sq. Ft: 1475,2000,2000,
Hood System: Yes
Neighboring Businesses: Major Hospital, Parks, Medical Plazas, Several Schools, Business Offices, Pet Clinics, etc
Hours Open: Store 1: Daily 10:30am - 8:30pm Store 2:Daily 10:00AM - 8:30PM Store 3: Monday - Saturday 9:00AM - 8:30PM Sunday 9:00AM - 6:30 PM Open to Public Daily at 11:00AM
# of Part-Time Employees: 9
# of Full-Time Employees: 11
Net Sales: $1031261.52


  • Sandwich Franchises for Sale close to University of Tennessee
  • Three Stores for Less than Building ONE Brand-New Store
  • An Endless Amount of Marketing Opportunities Surrounding All Three Locations
  • Near major hospital, business offices, car dealerships and so much more!
  • One Location is Mere Minutes from the University of tennessee
  • We Sell Restaurants will Help you Every Step of the Way to Secure your Tomorrow!
  • Great local transit system make your locations easy for any hungry patron to get to!
  • Join one of the top sandwich franchise brands in the United States
  • Sandwich Franchises for Sale