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Coffee Shop For Sale In Longboat Key For $99,999.00

Seller has agreed to a low price of just $99,999.00 for a quick sale.  This Coffee Shop For Sale is a steal at this price! Can convert the space to your concept if so desired.
Owning a small coffee shop can offer several benefits, particularly for those who appreciate the charm and intimacy of a smaller-scale operation. Here are some specific advantages of small coffee shop ownership such as this Coffee Shop For Sale:

Personal Connection: Purchasing this  Coffee Shop For Sale from We Sell Restaurants allows you to establish personal connections with your customers. You have the opportunity to interact with them on a regular basis, remember their preferences, and build a loyal customer base. This personalized touch can create a warm and welcoming environment, fostering a sense of community and customer loyalty.  This location already has a customer base with GREAT reviews!
Flexibility and Autonomy: As the owner of this Coffee Shop For Sale, you have the freedom to make decisions and implement changes quickly. You can experiment with different coffee beans, flavors, and menu items, adjust pricing, and tailor your offerings based on customer feedback. This flexibility enables you to adapt to market demands and trends more efficiently than larger establishments.
Lower Overhead Costs: Compared to larger establishments, small coffee shops typically have lower overhead costs. This can include rent, utilities, staffing, and equipment expenses. By keeping your operating costs in check at this Coffee Shop For Sale, you have the potential to achieve profitability more quickly.
Hands-On Experience: Owning this Coffee Shop For Sale allows you to be involved in various aspects of the business. From brewing coffee and interacting with customers to managing inventory and overseeing operations, you gain valuable hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of the entire coffee shop operation. This can be rewarding and provide a sense of fulfillment as you witness the direct impact of your efforts.
Work-Life Balance: Depending on your business model and operational choices, this Coffee Shop For Sale can offer a better work-life balance compared to larger establishments. With a well-structured schedule and the ability to delegate tasks, you may have more control over your time and have opportunities to enjoy personal pursuits outside of work.


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  • Listing#: 10078
  • Price: $99999
  • Location: Longboat Key

Lease Term: January 2024

Monthly Rent: $1700,

Indoor Seating: 14

Inside Sq. Ft: 850,

Hood System: No

Hours Open: Wednesday thru Saturday: 9-2

# of Full-Time Employees: 2


  • Coffee Shop
  • Longboat Key Florida
  • Beachside Location With Lots Of Growth Potential
  • Can Be Converted To Any Concept
  • Coffee Is One Of The Widely Consumed Beverages
  • Add Bakery Goods
  • Coffee Shop for Sale