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Profitable Ghost Kitchen For Sale In Sarasota

Profitable Ghost Kitchen for Sale - $15,000 Monthly Gross Sales
Don’t wait!  Bring your offer today to the Restaurant Brokers for this Ghost Kitchen For Sale.  Demand is high in Sarasota for locations like this one. Low lease, well-known community brand, and no competition in the area.

It is a shared commercial kitchen where people can start, build, or grow their food business in a place that encourages them to push themselves.  It is truly a community of like minded chefs and new to the kitchen entrepreneurs.  This commissary Ghost Kitchen for Sale goes beyond a typical commercial setup – it's a gathering place where food enthusiasts come together to create, learn, and grow.
Some Of The Many Benefits:

Purpose-Built Facility: This commissary kitchen is purpose-built to meet the demands of modern food entrepreneurs, equipped with top-tier appliances and workspace.

Central Location: Strategically located within Sarasota, the facility provides easy access to various neighborhoods and delivery routes, optimizing your distribution network.

Fully Equipped: From cooking stations to storage solutions, the kitchen comes fully equipped, saving you time and investment on setting up from scratch.

Versatile Spaces: The layout includes a variety of cooking areas, storage options, and prep spaces, accommodating different culinary needs simultaneously.

Client Diversity: Over time, the facility has hosted a diverse range of clients, fostering a collaborative environment and potential cross-promotion opportunities.

Inclusive Space: With an emphasis on inclusivity, this kitchen welcomes chefs of all levels, food start ups, and culinary artisans looking to hone their craft.

Event Space Potential: The layout allows for hosting cooking classes, pop-up events, food tastings, and workshops, enhancing the kitchen's role as a culinary hub.

Established Community: Over time, a strong community of culinary enthusiasts has formed, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the kitchen.

Established Brand: Benefit from the reputation and recognition the commissary kitchen has built within the local food industry.

Scalability: With its ample space and infrastructure, the facility is ready to support your growth.

The owner is looking to focus on other ventures and relocate, creating a unique opportunity for a motivated entrepreneur to step in and take over a successful Ghost Kitchen for Sale with solid clients and proven revenue stream.

Don't miss out on this chance to purchase this ghost kitchen for sale. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Listing#: 10251
  • Price: $350000
  • Location: Sarasota

Lease Term: June 2025

Monthly Rent: $1360,1360,

Inside Sq. Ft: 1000,1000,

Hood System: Yes

Hours Open: clients use the space in all hours of the day

# of Part-Time Employees: 1

# of Full-Time Employees: 1

Net Sales: $180000.00

Owner Benefit: $147360


  • Sarasota ranked #1 place to live in Florida
  • Incredible Growth
  • Scalability Is Limitless
  • Entertainment Hub
  • No Competition In The Area
  • Growing Population In This Area
  • Low Lease
  • Well Known Brand That Is Already Established
  • Ghost Kitchen for Sale
Profitable Ghost Kitchen For Sale In Sarasota




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