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Tulsa Market! Sandwich Franchise for Sale Earned Owner $116,000 in 2023

Stand out from the competition with this exceptional opportunity! Profitable Sandwich Franchise for Sale now available in the thriving Tulsa market. Join this renowned brand and enjoy substantial owner benefits, with earnings of $116,000 on the books in 2023!  With SBA lending made easy, qualified buyers can secure this profitable franchise with just a 20% down payment.

This Sandwich Franchise for Sale encompasses everything a small business needs to thrive. Delight your customers by exceeding their expectations and seize the opportunity for continuous improvement. Are you ready to be part of this winning venture? Don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced restaurant brokers today! Royalties for this incredible opportunity amount to a fair 5% of earnings, while advertising fees, which contribute to national promotions, are set at an affordable percentage of earnings.

Backed by a long-standing history of success, this Sandwich Franchise for Sale is committed to providing high-quality products and friendly service. Established since 2014, this lucrative venture instills confidence in customers, who can rely on consistent excellence. These operational standards have propelled the impressive revenue of $901,830.89.  Let We Sell Restaurants show you how easy it is to become the next profitable owner of this location. 

You'll be pleased to know that this Sandwich Franchise for Sale is eligible for SBA financing, ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process. By making a down payment of 20%, you can secure the remainder of the funding over a ten-year period. Imagine the possibilities of achieving such success! The present owner of this franchise took home a remarkable $116,595 this year. 

This Sandwich Franchise for Sale is a prime opportunity conveniently located in a 2,000-square-foot space. The rental agreement is valid until 2025, with remaining options available. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with a monthly rental rate of $3,800, inclusive of all CAMS, Taxes, and Insurance.

Royalties for this Sandwich Franchise for Sale amount to a fair 5% of revenue, while advertising fees, dedicated to national promotional efforts, are set at a modest 3.5% of earnings. This ensures your investment goes towards effectively reaching a wider audience and maximizing your potential for success.

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  • Listing#: 10048
  • Price: $475000
  • Location: Bixby

Lease Term: Expires 2025 with Options remaining

Monthly Rent: $3800,

Indoor Seating: 55

Inside Sq. Ft: 2000,

Hood System: N/A

Hours Open: 10AM-9PM M-F, 10AM-8PM Sun

# of Part-Time Employees: 5

# of Full-Time Employees: 4

Net Sales: $901830.89

Owner Benefit: $116595.85


  • Join a Winning Brand and Reap the Rewards! Profitable Franchise with Impressive Earnings
  • Secure Your Future with a Profitable Franchise! SBA Financing Available!
  • High-Quality Products, Friendly Service, and trained staff in place
  • Ready for Success
  • Take advantage of an incredible lease rate with remaining options
  • Franchise for Sale
Tulsa Market! Sandwich Franchise for Sale Earned Owner $116,000 in 2023




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