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Two Austin Bakeries for sale! $250,000 SDE in 2021.

SDE of $250,000 in 2021! Two Successful Bakeries for Sale in Austin. Superlative Locations! Cash flow like this is hard to find! Seller financing possible for qualified buyers.

This is an unusual listing -- a small Austin chain of TWO profitable and established bakeries for sale. This local chain occupies two truly excellent Austin locations, one North and one South. One of the stores is in a dream location, right next to an incredibly popular and Instagramable Austin landmark. Right off one of the most popular, year-round, and crowded walking streets in Austin, it plays host to a never-ending stream of foot traffic of both locals and tourists alike. This location is completely adorable, obvious by sight that it is the perfect gourmet bakery.

These bakeries for sale by We Sell Restaurants have a reputation for impeccable presentation. The food is gorgeous! They have a well-known signature product, as well as a full complement of other offerings, including coffee and croissants. Literally thousands of online reviews rave about the taste, the presentation, and the experience. These bakeries make people happy! They give customers a small and perfect respite from the rest of their day.

The second location is on one of the most well-known Austin roads, one that is often cited specifically for the quality and density of its restaurants. The bakery is in a great center, with excellent parking, high-quality fellow tenants, and a steady stream of thousands of cars passing by daily.

The chef worked for years on these locations. She has trained and cultivated a fantastic, professional crew. These experienced pastry chefs, who manage and staff the kitchens, would seek to continue under the new ownership.

There is massive amount of upside opportunity in this listing. First, right now the locations close at 5pm. Staying open later would provide a lot of extra revenue, especially in the tourist-driven location.

Second, there is a large opportunity for expansion to other parts of Austin. This bakery already has two well-known and profitable locations, proving that the concept can be further expanded profitably. So many restaurants fail at their first expansion; by buying these two locations you eliminate that risk. The Austin area is well over 2 million people, after all, and is far from saturated with lovely local patisserie-style bakeries.

Third, there is a major and proven wholesale opportunity. Their established wholesale business supplying other local restaurants completely evaporated during the pandemic. As this part of the business returns, it could bring back another 20-30% in revenue, money that is not factored into the already-significant 2021 SDE.

These businesses were built with years of effort; they were founded in 2009 and 2016. The smart, dedicated Founder did the hard work: finding and building-out the right locations; honing the recipes; cultivating the employees and the clientele. After well over a decade of dedication, she has decided to sell in order to have more time to spend with her small children. She will be open to consulting with the new owners, to create a smooth transition and to ensure that her creations thrive going forward.

Buy these superlative Parisian-style bakeries and instantly acquire both excellent Cash Flow and massive upside opportunity in the Austin market.

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  • Listing#: 8598
  • Price: $680000
  • Location: Austin

Lease Term: expires June 2026

Monthly Rent: $2500,4421,

Indoor Seating: 6

Inside Sq. Ft: 850,1200,

Hood System: Yes

Hours Open: Monday thru Sunday 8am-5pm

# of Part-Time Employees: 9

# of Full-Time Employees: 7

Net Sales: $1062644.00

Owner Benefit: $252793


  • $250,000 SDE in 2021!
  • Two beloved Austin bakeries for sale in AMAZING locations.
  • Proven track record - open 10 years plus.
  • Hundreds of positive reviews online,
  • Seller financing possible for qualified buyers!
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