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High volume Mexican Restaurant for Sale

This local favorite Mexican Restaurant for Sale  is well-known with the local population.  Established only 7 years, sales have surged to a level of over 2.7 million dollars in sales in 2021.  The profits will exceed $400,000 this year.  Even throughout the closures and the customer density limitations during the pandemic of 2020, sales still closed in on 1.9 million dollars.  Adding a drive-up/ walk-up window and an enclosed, heated patio area helped them overcome the challenges of the restrictions. .  This beautiful stand-alone restaurant is very conspicuous with wide a street side view and public exposure that has made it a destination point for the entire neighborhood. 

Located near a major intersection, in a neighborhood supports this brand of food, and cooking recipe’s that have been adapted to what the locals crave, this establishment has built a loyal following that will pay dividends for years to come.  This Restaurant for Sale does gain a portion of its clientele from local shoppers, schools, the local University, and patronage from afar, but it’s bread and butter of sales comes from the local residents that frequent this establishment over and over again whether by dine in or pick-up.
Family-owned and profitable, this gem of a Mexican Restaurant for Sale by We Sell Restaurants  is known for serving the best and freshest Mexican food in the area.  The reviews and ratings are exceptional, with stellar reviews on Yelp, Google, Trip Adviser, and Face book, and the postings on their site are equally wonderful. The meat is ground fresh, the vegetables area sliced fresh, and the meals are cooked to order, all at a reasonable price.
A meal isn’t complete without a glass of wine.  This Mexican Restaurant for Sale also has a full liquor license so customers can enjoy that glass of wine or their favorite cocktail with dinner.  The H&R Liquor License is in place and active, ready for your transfer.  There's something for everybody!  
Seating in its interior dining area with 35-settings is supported by an addition 32-settings in an enclosed and heated patio.  Most nights there is a line outside waiting for one of the tables to become available.  The staff has little down time between tables, six days a week.  Six day a week is correct because even at 2.7 million in sales, they are closed on Sundays.  Imagine to additional sales and profit that can be added by opening that 7th day.

 A very favorable lease starts you off right.  Only $6,500 is all that is needed to cover the base lease and the triple net. Not only covering the restaurant itself, this rent also covers the 32-seat heated and enclosed patio and the prep. and storage facility next door.  A long teamwork between the landlord and you can cultivated a mutually beneficial agreement between the two.  Whether you are looking to transfer the current lease or begin another, the framework has been set.
The kitchen is set up and ready to support the over 2.7 million dollars in dinner sales.  Hood, lowboy pot stove, 10 burner cooktop, walk-in fridge and freezer, flattop, and 2 dual basket fryers are all ready to go in the main kitchen.  Next door is the support facility, containing yet another walk-in freezer, a walk-in refrigerator, and dry storage.  This is the location that they currently prep the vegetables, grind the meats, mix the sauces, and prepare for the heavy cooking done in the main kitchen.  The Chefs are in place, and are long time employees, having a deep knowledge of the recipes, equipment, and systems.  The chefs are not part of the selling entity and can be enticed to continue for you, and I would recommend you do just that. 
Parking is supports by 21 spots in its own lot and an additional 40+ in the lots on either side of it, and all of that is augmented by parking across the street, and it is needed for this place.
Qualified buyer will receive the full business information through a confidentiality agreement process designed to protect the seller, business, employees, and patronage.  For more information on this high volume Mexican Restaurant for Sale, visit our website, enter listing # 8951, click on the “Step 1 To Ownership” button to authorize confidentiality and get the picture, financials and information you want to see on this hot listing.  

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  • Listing#: 8537
  • Price: $990000
  • Location: Westminster

Lease Term: 5 Years

Monthly Rent: $5583,

Indoor Seating: 35

Inside Sq. Ft: 1800,1000,

Hood System: Yes

Neighboring Businesses: Bar, Hair Salon, Convivence Store, Grocery Store, Auto Parts, and Other Non-Franchise Shopping Stores

Hours Open: Mon-Thur 10AM-9PM Fri-Sat 10AM-10PM

# of Part-Time Employees: 3

# of Full-Time Employees: 21

Net Sales: $2723792.00

Owner Benefit: $402138


  • Full liquor license
  • Turn-key opportunity-Thriving Business
  • Six-figure income
  • Opportunity to grow
  • Sales of over 2,7000,000 this year
  • Prime Location
  • Loyal regulars from ongoing business
  • Located on a major thoroughfare
  • Restaurant for Sale
High volume Mexican Restaurant for Sale




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