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Food Truck for Sale

Food Truck for Sale

Learn more about the booming mobile food industry and the food truck for sale opportunities offered by the restaurant brokers.  The business is enjoying seven years of consistent growth and the 2015 industry statistics show it hitting the $1.2 Billion dollar mark.  While the mobile food industry is the "new kid on the block", these food truck for sale opportunities show the market is both varied and has plenty of room for growth.

While a lot of cities are still deciding how to regulate the business, many have already enacted ordinances that allow the business to flourish whether it's in special parks or on the city roadways.

While food trucks may not be the new kid in the foodservice industry, the fact remains that the food truck segment is still growing. The best part is that there is still plenty of room for additional growth. Many cities across the country are still trying to determine how to regulate the industry, but many of them have started leaning towards fair ordinances that allow vendors to flourish.

While food trucks for sale like this one started with edgy 'street food', nationally syndicated TV shows on Food Network and other channels have pushed chefs to improve product offerings and brand their trucks for success.  While some early reports from influential websites have erroneously suggested there are "millions" of food trucks operating in the United States, IBIS World Reports attempted to clarify the number and they state that less than 5,000 operate in the United States. 

Why is it so difficult to get a number?  Many different kinds of mobile food services may not be termed a "food truck for sale" like the ones offered by the restaurant brokers.  A trailer offering food at a carnival or circus or catering business that hauls a trailer may be termed mobile food delivery but not a quintessential food truck. 

One great opportunity for the industry that the restaurant brokers have seen operators take advantage of in the last few years is augmenting their catering business by building brick and mortar stores and having a mobile service in a place like one of these food trucks for sale.  Are you in the market for a food truck for sale?  Check out our listings below.

Food Truck for Sale

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Four Restaurants for Sale Generate $1.2 Million in Earnings!  Amazing Group

Four Restaurants for Sale Generate $1.2 Million in Earnings! Amazing Group

Listing Id:9088 Lease Term:Expires 2032 wi.. Monthly Rent$10907,8866,9436.. Sq.ft.3293 ,4835,3638..
Franchise for Sale in Madison Alabama - Four for the Price of One!

Franchise for Sale in Madison Alabama - Four for the Price of One!

Listing Id:8586 Lease Term:Up for renewal .. Monthly Rent$4460.36, Sq.ft.1400,

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