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Juice Bar for Sale

Juice Bar for Sale

Americans searching for a healthy lifestyle love the business and you should too!  Our selection of juice bars for sale opportunities. Is it true that juicing is a magnet for millions looking for healthier dining choices?  If you want authenticity, great food, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle then one of the juice bars for sale opportunities offered by We Sell Restaurants could be just right for you.

How large is the industry?  According to one article written by, Americans spend $5 billion a year on juicing and the market is still growing.  Are you a health professional looking for more than just training others?  A juice bar for sale in one of the nation's hottest markets could be the answer to provide stable cash flow around clients.

Relocate a juice bar for sale like one of these inside a gym and you have an instant client base who will return over and over again.  Those hooked on a workout routine love to add the flavors and fuel to their body created at these juice bar for sale locations.  Do you need more vitamin C, B, or all of the above?  You're not alone. 

A recent article stated that over 30% of Americans do not get their recommended number of servings in the fruits and vegetables category. One easy way to reach those servings is with the flavors and professional mix of juice from a juice bar for sale like these. In the past decade, the juice bar industry has grown into a global market that is valued at $9 billion. The United States contributes $2.2 billion to that figure. That has created a trend where the industry is seeing consistent year-over-year growth of 7% or more.

In total, about 971 million cases of juices and juice drinks are sold each year, with many reaching the juice bar industry. Here are some interesting statistics on the industry. 

IBIS World, a collector of industry data, says there are more than 5,200 juice bar locations in the United States in 2018, led by names like Jamba Juice and Smoothie King. They employ an average of 52,000 people directly in the industry. 

It's not just juice bar for sale locations like these that are satisfying the craving of Americans for the product.  Bottled juice products account for $7.1 billion in sales each year, with 23% of Americans saying that they drink juice products at least once per day. The average person will consume more than 6.5 gallons of juice over the course of a year. (Statista)

Buying a juice bar for sale like these make sense when you consider that most people prefer to consume 100% juice products when they visit a juice bar, store, or market. It is responsible for two-thirds of the juice consumption which occurs in the U.S. each year according to Prepared Foods.


Juice Bar for Sale

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$86,000 Earnings- Simple To Operate Juice Franchise for Sale in Toledo Area

$86,000 Earnings- Simple To Operate Juice Franchise for Sale in Toledo Area

Listing Id:9123 Lease Term:Expires 2026 wi.. Monthly Rent$4311.07, Sq.ft.1300,

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