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We Sell Restaurants Franchise Resale Program

We Sell Restaurants Franchise Resale Program

Increase Net Restaurant Growth Through a Franchise Resale Program

Transfer Units Painlessly - Franchise resales present a strong opportunity to replace disengaged or underperforming franchisees with motivated buyers who want to grow their business. As franchise agreements expire and your franchsiees retire, your brand will need new candidates to take over units. It is important to remember that the franchise resale candidate is not the same as your initial new franchise candidate. These are two different leads altogether, and the marketing your brand used to attract new franchisees will not attract the resale candidate. Resale candidates are less willing to take on risk and are more interested in the financial performance. As resale specialists, We Sell Restaurants understands how to attract the resale candidate. We develop a package of information on the franchise resale detailing the items that resale candidates care most about: the restaurant's historical financial performance. 

Empower New Unit Growth - Your development team might be dynamite and selling new units every day. However, if you have existing units closing their doors, then your net restaurant growth will suffer. While We Sell Restaurants handles the transfer of resale units to new franchise candidates, your development team can focus on new unit growth. Similarly, your marketing team can focus on marketing to new franchise candidates while we attract the resale candidates. Franchise resale candidates also present an upsell opportunity for your brand development. These new franchisees may decide to buy more than one franchsie resale, or become interested acquiring a new unit. Ultimately, a resale program keeps your existing units open and allows your team to focus on opening new units. The result? Net restaurant growth.  

Provide An Exit Strategy - Another important piece of net restaurant growth is preventing closures. A resale program offers an attractive selling point for franchisees in providing an exit strategy. Any number of life changes or events could affect a franchisee's ability to keep a store, including death, divorce, or life-altering events. For the franchisee who can no longer hold onto a store, there is piece of mind when the franchisor can refer an expert to assist the franchisee in exiting the business. A formalized program with an expert like We Sell Restaurants also prevents closures by educating at-risk franchise locations about an exit strategy through resales. No need to stand idle while a unit fails when a structured resale process can save the unit and help franchisees exit smoothly. 

Brands Turn to We Sell Restaurants to Take Away Resale Pain

With 20+ years of experience in restaurant brokerage, We Sell Restaurants is the nation's leading and only business broker franchise focused on restaurants. We operate in 45 states, selling more restaurants than anyone else—period! Our proprietary process works to sell restaurants for the most money in the shortest time. From conducting valuations to dealing with landlords, restaurant brands trust We Sell Restaurants to handle the stress associated with transfers and resales. Our process allows your develpoment team to focus on new candidates and overall brand growth. 

No Contracts, Just Relationships
No need to sign long-term contracts for our restaurant brokerage services. Instead, simply refer your resales and transfers when the time is right and allow us to create a smooth, positive transfer experience. Our restaurant brokerage experience is at-the-ready for your units that need to sell. 

Our Brand Relationships
From pizza, to ice cream, and more—We Sell Restaurants has partnered with franchisors across the country to provide them a structured resale program that will bolster their brand's net restaurant growth. 

The Franchise Resale Process
We Sell Restaurants outlines a 10-Step process and will walk your franchisees all the way from performing valuations to closing the deal. 
  1. Pull Data - Pull key items together including two years of tax returns, most recent P&L, POS reports, and more.
  2. Review Data - Read materials from Step 1 as if you are a buyer seeing them for the first time. Do your numbers match and make sense?
  3. Brainstorm - Think of ways that a new buyer could improve your business. Whether you sell or not, this step should identify areas for improvement.
  4. Valuate - Restaurant valuation is a math problem with a right and wrong answer. Take time to understand the valuation process.
  5. Hire - interview restaurant brokers to find who can sell your restaurant for the most money in shortest time.
  6. Market - Attract buyers to your business with confidentiality, and qualify buyers before revealing details.
  7. Offer - After you receive a written offer and escrow check, review, counter, and make sure you know who is responsible for closing tasks.
  8. Due Diligence - This is where buyers will dig into everything about your business. A strong restaurant broker will control this process and act as the conduit for info.
  9. Approvals - After accepting an offer and completing Due Diligence, the buyer will need to be approved by the franchise brand.
  10. Closing - Participate in weekly calls with the restaurant broker and buyer and close the deal!

Get Started
Establish a formalized franchise resale program through We Sell Restaurants to support your brand's overall growth today. 

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Director of Franchise Development
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We Sell Restaurants Franchise Resale Program

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