Here's another satisfied customer of the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants!

    In his video testimonial Johnny Butler of Candesa Coffee had this to say, "I'm very happy with the way, how things worked out with We Sell Restaurants.  Candesa Coffee, I love it.  It was awesome the way it worked out.  I'm very happy."

  • Cinnabon Buyer shares his experience with the Restaurant Brokers!

    The Buyer of this Cinnabon Franchise for sale by the Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants had this to say about his experience "It was fabulous! We really enjoyed the process… it was a fabulous experience! It took less than 90 days to close and we're really excited about the asset purchase that we made."


    Restaurant buyer Miranda Faison was thrilled with the support she received from her restaurant broker

    Restaurant buyer and customer Miranda Faison is trained as a bartender herself and follows a lifelong passion in buying the opportunity.  She was thrilled with the support she received from her restaurant broker in the transaction saying, "I would definitely  recommend We Sell Restaurants especially Dominique. They did an awesome job.  I definitely recommend them.  They did an awesome job.  Very detailed.  I really do appreciate their business."

  • The Graveyard Seller and We Sell Restaurants

    The owner of The Graveyard restaurant had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "I thought it was great, we had great communication with Eric, it was actually not as painful of an experience as we thought it might have been! Great Experience!"


    Alan Briskin of the Three Dollar Cafe had this to say

    Thanks for everything and also for helping me put this together.  ... You have been extremely polite and professional at all times.

  • Buyer in South Florida Describes his experience with Restaurant Broker and Franchise Partner, Ken Eisenband

    "I had a wonderful restaurant down in Fort Lauderdale…but I wanted to have one in Boca Raton because that's where I live.  So my partner bought me out.  I found through wesellrestaurants.com,  a wonderful listing and a wonderful agent named Ken  He showed me the restaurant.  I fell in love with it.  We made an offer. We closed the whole deal in less than a week. I love my new restaurant and I thank Ken and if I ever open another one, I'll be calling him first."


    Loco's Deli and Pub owner Brad Koontz was happy with his experience

    "We Sell Restaurants took what could have been a very rough transaction and smoothed it over nicely for all parties involved.  They were highly professional, very fair, and added real value to the transaction."

    Brad Koontz, Loco's Deli and Pub

  • Sean Germain of Sean?s Harvest Market and We Sell Restaurants

    The Owner of Sean's Harvest Market had this to say about his experience with the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants. "You guys have done a wonderful job! The professionalism, the way in which you answer the phones and responded to our request it was very impressive and far beyond anything I’ve experienced. I really do appreciate it!"


    Mike Gullicksen - Buyer for Baci Restaurant

    “It was tremendous! Everything was facilitated in a timely manner. All documentation was presented to us in a timely fashion and made it a very pleasant experience.”

  • This Which Wich seller had this to say of his experience

    It’s been great! Robin and Eric the whole time have been walking everything through, making sure they’ve been getting everything done. They’ve exceeded my expectations and brought a buyer and got the closing when they promised


    Atlanta area restaurant seller Mike Hart describes his experience with We Sell Restaurants.

    In his words, "It was great.  It really was.  I think the biggest thing was the professionalism and they have a lot of people that work with them I really like, especially Eric and his wife and I would highly recommend them to anybody trying to sell a restaurant especially this day and age.   It's very hard to do it.  They sort of walked us through everything and we appreciate it.

    --Mike Hart, Atlanta Restaurant Seller


    The seller of Mallorys Bar and Grill had a lot to say in praise of JK!

    I wanted to take a quick moment and tell you "Thank You"!  Thank you for having JK help us with the sale of our restaurant Mallory's Castaways out on Lake Lanier.  I had the restaurant listed with other agents around Atlanta and none of them came out to show the property, one, never showed at all.  JK was there with every viewing, answered as many questions as he could with out me being involved and at the end would introduce me to the potential buyers and allowed them to ask additional questions.  He was honest with us from the very start, said our price was too high, so we lowered it and we ended up with 4 offers.  How sweet is that??  While it took us a little longer to close than we had hoped we did close last year.  So thank you and JK once again for all of your help and I will definitely recommend "We Sell Restaurants" to anyone that I talk to and will pass along JK information to anyone who needs an excellent realtor. 


    The owner of The Aviator worked with John Jordan of We Sell Restaurants in his latest sale.

    The owner of The Aviator used Colorado Restaurant Broker, John Jordan of We Sell Restaurants in his latest sale.  He says, “I’d just like to say thank you to We Sell Restaurants.  We advertised on the website through John and Bob and we’ve successfully managed to close.  The whole event was extremely professional.” 

  • Glowing words of recommendation for We Sell Restaurants from Ginelle Brome

    Glowing words of recommendation for the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants from Ginelle Brome on her video testimonial who says among other things, "It was effortless. It was flawless.....They were absolutely astonishing with their feedback and their assistance and I highly recommend them for any business transaction."


    Tyler Torres had Glowing words for Steve after selling his restaurant!

    "I would like to thank Steve Weinbaum at We Sell Restaurants for a Job well done! Steve was there with me every step of the way with the sale of my restaurant. From the marketing of the restaurant to locating a qualified buyer, he even assisted with securing a new lease for my buyer. He made The process so smooth and was there for me start to finish. I highly recommend Steve Weinbaum and We Sell Restaurants if you are buying or selling a restaurant. Thanks again SteveO!
    " Tyler Torres 

  • Denna Beauchemin had this to say in her video testimonial

    Another franchise pizza restaurant is sold by We Sell Restaurants, the restaurant brokers announced today. Fox's Pizza in Cumming Georgia is under new ownership.  The customer, Beau Ventures, LLC is headed up by Denna Beauchemin and she had this to say in her video testimonial and review about the sale.  "Robin was very professional and handled every aspect of it. We were very very pleased.  She always answered our phones and emails promptly. We really appreciate that."  Her husband, David had just one comment, "We Sell Restaurants is number one."


    Brian Dralle loved the experience of buying with We Sell Restaurants

    Our experience with We Sell Restaurants has been on the highest level both professionally and the overall process. I really feel like after being in the restaurant business for over 30 years that your team has put together the best overall experience that we've ever been a part of as far as finding the right space for our concept. We've worked on this concept for almost two years and we're excited to get open here in Atlanta and we'd like to thank you and We Sell Restaurants team for all the hard work you've done to make our dream a reality



    My Place Seafood & Wings, Happy Buyers


    Sellers of SIP, April and Ted Phillips describe their experience with we sell restaurants

    Sellers of SIP, April and Ted Phillips designed a model coffee shop for this urban landscape that won multiple awards for design. They developed the SIP concept more than four years ago and turned to restaurant broker We Sell Restaurants to sell once they decided to pursue other interests. Asked to describe their experience with we sell restaurants, they say, "Absolutely fabulous. Robin held our hand through the whole process. And was very patient with us."


    Wiiliam J Klein has glowing words of praise for Dominique!

    Once I signed the agreement, the listing was on the website within a few days and my agent Dominique was great throughout the whole process. He was honest with the timeframe and his communication with me was superb.