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What to Look for In Selling a Restaurant

Start with the industry textbook on restaurant valuation and the food service sales process written by the team at We Sell Restaurants.  Appetite for Acquisition, has been described in the business as the “definitive guide for anyone looking to enter the restaurant industry.” The first stop for anyone looking to sell a restaurant or franchise re-sale, it’s available in bookstores nationwide, online from or via direct order from the Atlanta office.

As the industry leader in selling restaurants and food related businesses, franchise re-sales, and site location for the food service industry, We Sell Restaurants has the experience and knowledge to assist you in selling your restaurant.  For a confidential valuation, contact us by phone at 404 513 5378 or email:  

I’m interested in selling my business, where do I start?

The best place to start is with a broker who understands the type of business you want to sell. Contact We Sell Restaurants for a FREE confidential consultation. We perform a free valuation of your business.  

Our professional team has a financial services background that translates into a first class listing and selling presentation package unrivaled by any other firm.  Our copyrighted tools include:

The Restaurant Assessment Tool© – Designed for restaurant buyers to help them identify their key needs and interests so We Sell Restaurants can target the right opportunities as they begin their search for a restaurant.

The Business Analysis Tool© – This unique tool packages your restaurant financials along with industry comparative ratios.  Buyers can see at a glance what their earnings and opportunities are and how the restaurant compares to the industry in this nine-page listing package. 

The Valuation Analysis Tool© – We Sell Restaurants developed this professional recasting of your financials to determine appropriate pricing on your listing so it sells quickly.  Remember, our name is We Sell Restaurants and the right price is the most important element. Our national experts rely on professional recasting rules accepted by lenders and the SBA to arrive at the right value to take your listing to market. 

The Leasing Assessment Tool© - We Sell Restaurants developed this instrument to assist in food service site location search.  The data allows us to analyze whether they should build from scratch in a new space or purchase an existing listing – like yours.

Knowledge and Experience Matter

We Sell Restaurants has detailed knowledge and understanding of pricing and valuation.   These are just a few reasons to put us to work today selling your business.

We know how to value a business
We work on a daily basis with restaurant and franchise re-sale profit and loss statements.  We understand add backs.  We know the common ratios for occupancy, food cost and labor. Listing your business too high means it will just sit on the market without activity.  Listing it too low means you're giving up potential value.  We can determine the correct price.

Database of Buyers
We have a relationship with thousands of buyers in our database that already registered and looking for restaurant to buy.  We know how much money they want to invest, what type of restaurant they want and where they want it to be.    

Vendor and Industry Relationships
We develop and maintain strong contact with restaurant owners, franchise developers and vendors for the restaurant industry.  When they are ready to expand, they visit our inventory of listings first.

Comparable Selling Data
We know the selling price of other restaurants in the marketplace and nationwide through our contacts, our sales and subscription to national services.

Proactive Selling
We are proactive in selling.  We approach buyers and use our proprietary We Sell Restaurants Restaurant Assessment Tool© to locate buyers in our database who have already told us they are looking for a restaurant like yours.

Personal Approach
A qualified We Sell Restaurants broker personally handles your listing.  We are hands on with your listing.

Qualified Buyers
We qualify buyers and make sure your confidential listing is treated that way.  We require and enforce nondisclosure agreements before providing any information.  We do not release or copy financial information.  We require financial net worth statements or verification of funds before discussing your financials.  We are not going to allow "window shopping" on your confidential listing.

Unmatched Marketing
We Sell Restaurants has an unmatched methodology to launch your listing and take it to market using our proprietary Business Analysis Tool©, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Public Relations Strategies. Give one of our restaurant brokers a call to discover what makes us so different from everyone else.

What information do you need to get started?

Start with the core of the business, the books and records.  A buyer wants to know:  How much is this business earning?  What can I expect to make by buying the business?  What are my costs going to be?  Is it worth the asking price? 

Meet with an expert valuation person from We Sell Restaurants and let us review your Profit and Loss statement using our proprietary Valuation Analysis Tool©.  We search for every dime of earnings we can add back to your net income and arrive at the right valuation.  We have access to comparable data so we know what businesses are bringing in the marketplace and how many days they are on the market before they sell.  Before you meet with us, put together the following package:

  • Copy of your lease 
  • Profit and & Loss statements for the past three years
  • Tax Returns for the past three years
  • List of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

We can prepare the valuation, put together our Business Analysis Tool© to demonstrate to a buyer why your business is worth this pricing and prepare your business for sale.  Most importantly, we safeguard the confidentiality of your financial data.  It is never out of our hands and provided to a buyer until we have come to terms on a contract.   

What is the profile of your average seller?

The majority of our sellers are experienced restaurant owners that operate successful businesses.  They often have more than one location and are ready to cut back on the commitment.  They may be ready to retire and spend time with their families.  They are also heavily involved in the discussions with the We Sell Restaurants team to find the right buyer.  This restaurant, after all, is the result of years of hard work that they want to see continued for decades to some.

Why should I use a broker instead of just selling my restaurant on my own? 

Marketing is expensive and time consuming. We have qualified buyers in our database today looking for restaurants or franchise re-sales to purchase.  Our listings are cross marketed nationally on all major web sites, in print and on social media.  The We Sell Restaurants marketing engine hits those buyers with a message that delivers.   
We maintain valuable relationships with other brokers representing buyers who are looking for the right opportunity today!  We have access to those buyers.

We are in contact with over 1500 brokers and agents for referral purposes.

Our web presence at is the premiere site on the Internet for marketing your restaurant. We consistently rank at the top of all major search engines when buyers are looking for a restaurant to purchase.  At any given time we have links and or ads to as many as 20 websites all drawing buyers to your listing.  

This entire marketing effort is carried out at no charge to you.  We aren't paid until your restaurant sells. 

We do the work.  We Sell Restaurants conducts all showings and keeps you up to date on buyer feedback immediately through our web site.   The team at We Sell Restaurants prepares all purchase offers and presents them to you for approval.  That means you can keep your business operating at its peak level to insure the best possible offers. 

Market Knowledge and Valuation
You know your business best but a qualified broker knows the marketplace.  He or she is skilled at understanding the financial opportunity your business represents to potential buyers. He or she can accurately price your business. He or she can help you in packaging the business the right way.  An offer is only the first step.  The team at We Sell Restaurants has a network of support professionals that get you from contract to closing.   

How do you know that buyers are serious?

We Sell Restaurants pre-screens buyers and will present only those with verified funds to you. This saves you time and effort.

How do you sell my restaurant confidentially? 

Our buyers are carefully screened and required to provide us with signed non-disclosure agreements before we release any information about your restaurant.  We Sell Restaurants controls the confidential nature of the transaction.