3 Franchises for Sale in Massachusetts -- Instant Multi-Unit Ownership

These 3 Subway Franchises for Sale are  generating top line sales of nearly $780,000 and a return for an owner operator exceeding $90,000 a year. Why build a new location when you can take over this money-making store in Massachusetts today!  Approved for SBA Lending with 15% down! 
These Franchises for Sale features competitively priced healthy food. The stores have statistically done very well in all markets, including downturns, boosting sales 30% in 08' downturn. Very easily financed as banks require only 15% down on the purchase of units like these from the #1 restaurant chain in the world with over 42 thousand stores worldwide. 
Don't learn on the job by yourself.  Work with the largest restaurant brand in the world and take advantage of their trademark, processes, and systems.  Contact We Sell Restaurants today to learn more!   Royalties are 8% and are charged on sales. The marketing to promote this brand across the country is 4% of sales.  This Franchises for Sale are part of a household name, which is why this business delivers $90507 to the bottom line on sales of $788,616.  

The reasons for buying these Franchises for Sale include: 
  • Verifiable results
  • The security of existing cash flow
  • Proven locations
The locations are small and easy to operate with one at 944 square feet, one at 900 square feet and the largest at 1,100 square feet.  Total rent is $6189 per month with the lease guaranteed by Subway -- No personal guarantee!  The rent is $2,386, 2,451, and $1,352 each. The lease rates include both the base rent plus CAMS, taxes, and insurance charged by the landlord.  The assignable lease terms are valid through 2021 which includes the initial lease term as well as any options to renew. 

The benefit of buying Franchises for Sale like these are the opportunity for lending.  Our SBA and conventional lenders have already approved the business based on the strong cash flow and proven results.  Bring just 15-20% to the table and your own good credit and experience.  You’ll own these Franchises for Sale with payments spread over a ten-year term with market rates. 

The benefits of buying an existing business includes the support and training of a major brand.  This includes 2 Weeks training at the store level, prior to Subway Headquarter training.  The seller is eager to assist post-closing with any questions.  You get the ongoing support of the Business Consultants as well. Training is included in the $7500.00 charged by the brand and also covers the remaining term of the existing agreement, along with all options to renew. 

Please click on the tab below to easily acknowledge confidentiality on this Franchises for Sale. For many business opportunities, you will immediately receive the name, address, photos, and most recent financials. If you have any questions, please contact Certified Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon at (404) 800-6700

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  • Listing#: 7029
  • Price: $350000
Lease Term: 2021
Monthly Rent: $2386,2451,1352,
Indoor Seating: 11743 - 14 |5114 - 21 | 30253 - 16
Inside Sq. Ft: 944,900,1100,
Hood System: Yes
Hours Open: 11743 & 5114 M-S 9am-10pm Su 9am-9pm | 30253 Mon-Sat 9 AM - 9PM Sun 10 AM - 8 PM
# of Part-Time Employees: 18
# of Full-Time Employees: 2
Net Sales: $788616.00
Owner Benefit: $128518.8


  • Subway Franchises for Sale are generating top line sales of $788,616
  • Banks require only 15% down on #1 restaurant chain in the world
  • Franchises for Sale
  • Franchises for Sale
  • Franchises for Sale
  • Franchises for Sale

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