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Miami Grill for Sale in Palm Beach County, Florida - Franchise

Every entrepreneur's dream of owning their own business is now within reach with this established Franchise  Miami Grill Restaurant for Sale in Palm Beach County.  Own a well-known regional franchise for just pennies on the cost of a new build-out.
With sales of over $1,000,000 in 2022 there is lots of room for growth.The demographics in the area are great and should lead to an increase in sales. There are more than 85,000 vehicles that travel on the road that is home to this franchised restaurant offered by We Sell Restaurants.  The three mile radius population is 145,000 residents with a household income of $70,000. The perfect demographic for this concept. Average unit sales for the franchise are $2,500,000. Stable leadership will bring the sales to this level.  No need to worry about staffing the Franchise Cafe for Sale as it is fully staffed.
This  Miami Grill Cafe for Sale offers an opportunity to join a brand that offers fresh and flavorful foods in though out South Florida. The franchise has been around for more than forty years. This unit was built in 2019 with the latest design. You can purchase this restaurant for pennies on the dollar when compared to the cost of build-out.  The restaurant is housed in a free-standing building with a dedicated parking lot for your customers. The restaurant offers drive through service, which is always a plus. The free-standing building is approximately 3,000 square feet and the lease expires in 2043. The exact same date as the franchise agreement. The monthly rent is $11,100 including all CAMS and taxes. The current owner purchased the restaurant just this year but must now sell due to personal reasons.
The brand provides ongoing support along with materials needed for promotions.  All wrapped through nominal fee structures like 6% royalty on sales and a 3% marketing charge. 

Investing in training is essential for success, and with a one-time fee of $30,000 you can get the jump start needed to take your career at this Franchise Quick Service Restaurant Cafe for Sale to new heights! Unlock access to an array of educational opportunities that will help bring out the best in yourself.
If you're looking to own a café without any of the hassle and setup, this Franchise Cafe for Sale is perfect! It's ready-to-go from day one with all its equipment included - just step in and get started running your restaurant business. 
So, leave no stone unturned today and contact We Sell Restaurants right away before someone else claims their chance at owning and operating this Franchise QSR Cafe for Sale!

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  • Listing#: 10054
  • Price: $300000

Lease Term: March 17, 2043

Monthly Rent: $11,100,

Indoor Seating: 50

Inside Sq. Ft: 3000,

Hood System: Yes

Neighboring Businesses: Restaurants, Retail, Service Providers

Hours Open: Monday thru Sunday 10 am - 12 pm

# of Part-Time Employees: 4

# of Full-Time Employees: 4

Net Sales: $1067720.00


  • Miami Grill for Sale in South Florida
  • Gross Sales in 2022 exceeded 1,000,000
  • New Owner is Selling due to relocation
  • All Deliveries are handled with third party services
  • Currently Owner Operated, but General Manager is on site and this could easily be run absentee
  • Free standing building has drive thru
  • Cafe for Sale